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Kirk Cooper - Head Counselor/Assessment Coordinator

Cindy Garcia - Registrar

Dolores Perez - Clerk Typist

Grades 9 and 11

Jesus Narez - Counselor (Last Names A-L )

Julia Barragan - Counselor (Last Names M-Z)

Grades 10 and 12

Felipe Maturino - Counselor (Last Names A-L)

Sandra Moreno - Counselor (Last Names M-Z)

Additional Programs at SHS

Migrant Program:

The Migrant Education Regional Office coordinates direct student services to enhance students' academic experience and access to a high-quality education, appropriate academic and social interventions, and physical and mental health well-being. The regional office works with the districts to recruit students for the appropriate services and events.

Education Talent Search (ETS):

ETS provides students with academic advisement, career exploration, financial aid/scholarship and college admissions assistance, college tours, cultural events, and other educational enrichment opportunities. The goal of the ETS program is to have our participants graduate from high school, apply and enter the college of their choice, secure financial aid and scholarships.

Upward Bound:

Upward Bound provides support to their students to successfully graduate high school and continue their education at a college or university of their choice. Some of the services that Upward Bound provides are: academic advising, ACT/SAT registration assistance, college application assistance, university campus tours and tutoring.

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