March 25-August 20 2023

Opening March 24

Sustaining Small Acts


TENT Rotterdam, Netherlands

The artists in Sustaining Small Acts develop their work from the connection with their physical environment. Their work often springs from what they find close to home, in the material of their daily surroundings: their own household waste, the weeds in the city, the ground under our feet. This everyday material is entwined with fundamental questions. Questions about humans as the only animals that foul their own nest, with planetary consequences.

February 25-26 2023

from 20:00

PuntWG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fundraising film-screening at PuntWG

 featuring films by Turkish contemporary film-makers, to raise emergency relief funds for Turkey and Syria. 

Please write to to reserve a seat.

Featuring films by Peline Esmer, Belit Sag, Cihad Caner, and more to be announced.

Entrance is a suggested donation of €20, or more if you are able. 

We will have details on four suggested funds at the door, and instructions on how to donate to them. 

They are:

A Livestock Feed Fund

Mor Dayanışma

Sard NGO


February 18-26 2023

PuntWG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Worlds    I n     Formation

Opening: zaterdag 18 feb 2023 — 18:00 uur

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

11-17 Saturday and Sunday or by appointment. 

January 27 2023

On a Bare Rock By The Ocean You Will Never Hear Anything But Birds Whose Cries Blend With The Sound Of Winds

The International Premiere of "on a a bare rock by the ocean you will never hear anything but birds whose cries blend with the sounds of winds", my film work made in collaboration with volunteers at the Tropical Kas Beetsterzwaag will be at the IFFR on January 27, LanterenVenster Rotterdam, at 15:30 and 20:00. 

Visit for tickets and festival passes

February 18 2023

le Crac 19 Montbeliard, France

Pas De Cerise Sans Noyau

in collaboration with artist Ju Hyun Lee, our film work pas de cerise sans noyau will be on display at Crac 19, Montbeliard. Opening February 18, 2023.

September 24 2022

"If Culture is a house, language is the key"

The Teen Advisory Boards or Praksis, Index, and Publics are collectively developing a glossary through workshops, interviews,  and field note exercises led by Ina Hagen and myself. 

Together they will be addressing the histories carried by languages and developing a glossary as a political act of fostering equality and mutual support. 

Keep following to know about the publication to come later in the year featuring this project.

September 21 2022

The code of conduct collaboratively developed by the 2021 Praksis Teen Advisory Board (PTAB) in worskshops run by Ina Hagen and myself, has been reworked into guidelines for play in their publication 'in character'. 

available here.

September 16-19 2022

not only the earth we share

will be part of a three day screening part in Batumu Georgia. 

find on instagram at the above link for details.

July 10 2022

Throughout June 2022 I have been in residence at Kunsthuis SYB in Beetsterzwaag, Friesland. Whilst there I have been collaborating with volunteers who maintain the Tropische Kas, a tropical greenhouse in the village on a film work thinking through image making and the spectacle of images of nature and the tropics. 

Visit on July 10 to see the result of this work period 

July 03 2022

Docs Ireland / Black Box, Belfast

The launch of Who Makes The City will follow a screening of not only the earth we share at Docs Ireland. Check Docs Ireland for tickets, and Who Makes The City, a new conversation based platform on contemporary urbanism, launched in collaboration with Household Belfast

The launch will feature a conversation between Northern Irelands Green Party Deputy Malachai O’Hara, architect Agustina Martire, and architect Mark Hackett. 

Check the Who Makes The City website for details. 

June 26 2022

Eco-Musee, Fougerolles

The three season cycle of ‘Pas de Cerise sans Noyau’, a film work made in collaboration with artist Ju Hyun Lee and the Cherry Growing community of Fougerolles will be screening at the ecomusee Fougerolles

Visit Crystal Kirsch for details on Ju’s Land term project and future screenings. 

June 01 2022

Kunsthus SYB, Beetsterzwaag

On June 01 2022, I arrived for a six week residency at Kunshuis SYB, in Friesland.

Here I will be working with local communities on the construction of environments and ecosystems to support collages of nature with plants from around the world. 

If you want to get in touch you can write to me at or visit on Saturdays and Sundays between 1300 and 1700, when the residency doors will be open. 

May 20-23 2022

TENT, Rotterdam

Special Three Day exhibition of Worlds in Formation

TENT Rotterdam

Friday May 20 > Sunday May 22, 2022

May 20 2022

Launch events for A Muitas Maos / Held by Hands


Featuring a conversation with three of the authors, a performance from Rotterdam K-Cover group Violet Shot and a screening of the film work Worlds in Formation

The Book is available in the Netherlands at Vetgedrukt

April 02&April 09 2022

Launch events for A Muitas Maos / Held by Hands

Casa Do Povo

April 02 2022



April 09


March 30 2022

I am delighted to announce that not only the earth we share has been acquired by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection.

January 05 2022

TENT Online Cinema

Once You Till, a film work developed with the Four Sisters growing Project, in Amsterdam will be screening between January 05 and January 23 on TENT Online Cinema. 

Follow Four Sisters on Instagram  to be updated

October 29 2021

Worlds in Formation showing in Phantoms of the Commons 

at Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden.

October 29 2021 – January 09 2022

October 2021

Forked Tongue screening program

I will have a short work in ‘Forked Tongue’, a series of one minute video shorts curated by Madison Bycroft, premiering at the 17th Kinemastik International Short Film Festival taking place in Malta in November, and followed by online presentations and Q&A with het Nieuwe Institute Rotterdam, Netherlands.

October 17 2021

Not Only The Earth We Share will be on show for a month from October 17 at the MAC Belfast. 

dedicated website here:

September 2021

Not Only The Earth We Share will screen in the Belfast Marine festival 2021. 

Check Household for details

dedicated website here:

Mãos Na Terra / Bunho Harvest 2021

Harvesting rushes with weaving master Manuel Ferreira, and Iany Galo and Lucrezia Papillo of Macheia

June 26 2021

Code of Conduct workshop

On June 26 2021 I led a workshop with the Praksis Oslo Teen Advisory Board PTAB in Collaboration with Ina Hagen, to codify their responsibilities and relationships, and develop a Code of Conduct and a Living Glossary to define their working space. It will be live on the PTAB website after a period of review.

June 25 2021

Textos Sobre KPOP, Fandom, Comunidade, e Cultura!

envia propostas para

March 25 2021


March 25 – May 29, 2021

Collaborative film based exhibition made with communities of Sailortown, Belfast in collaboration with Household CIC between 2018 and 2021.

Addressing the creation of cultural commons, rights to the city, and the construction of community through play, imagination, and culture.

dedicated website here: