Social Work Data

Data for Justice

The purpose of Social Work Data, PLLC is to provide training, research, supervision, and data analysis services to individuals and agencies working to promote community well-being. 

General Information

Social work values, ethics, and theories are grounded in justice and well-being, providing a lens that improves research and data science. Ensuring that data doesn't cause harm, is an accurate representation of lived experience, is owned by the communities that produce it, and generates knowledge that explores and solves today's most complex social problems is the call of social work researchers. We produce and use data to promote justice. 

Vision and Values

The vision of Social Work Data, PLLC is to support individuals, agencies, and educational institutions with social work support services to help them better meet the needs of the clients and communities they serve. Rooted in the NASW Code of Ethics and core values of the social work profession Social Work Data, PLLC strives to promote the highest ethics in data analysis, training, supervision, and research.