About SocialPack

Established in 2022, a group of friends embarked on a mission to make an impact in this world for GOOD! SocialPack creates viral digital campaigns that empower NGOs to connect with future generations of donors. Seeing how new generations are leveraging the benefits of the blockchain and NFTs the idea was born to connect this "future" world with the non-profit world.


  1. Non-profit organisations look for new ways of getting funding to fulfil their mission-goals

  2. Connecting to future generations is key for non-profits in the long-term

  3. Blockchain technology unites people around the world and knows no borders.

NFTs for Good

With a background in innovation management, marketing, and software development: Allan, Andrej, and Maarten set out to create a platform to help NGOs to raise funds through unique NFT campaigns. Turning the NFT into "NFTs for good" instead of "NFTs for investments".

"We are a unique Pack of Social individuals with each having our own skillset but all having the same focus which is: making an impact for good in this world.

In the future, SocialPack aims to start its own social impact initiatives through its established community.

Our Vision

To be the number one social impact platform where people can learn about, collaborate, and directly contribute to non-profit social projects around the world with visible/trackable results

Our Mission

SocialPack’s mission is to connect future generations to non-profit organisations to fulfil their goals

Please contact us so we can see how we can help you:)

E-mail: info@socialpack.io