Connecting to charity organisations for social impact

SocialPack helps non-profit organisations to fulfil their goals uniquely. They leverage the funding potential and community-building capabilities of the digital art collections, which are currently also known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

"We move people with digital art, provide transparency in their donations and stimulate social engagement through gamification"

Allan da Silva (Founder)

Music to save lives!

Unique collaboration with an orphanage in Uganda. More info here.

What's next?

Are you or do you know a non profit organisation that could use some help, please contact us!

For whom?

Artists, Non-Profit Organisations, or just someone who wants to contribute to a social cause?

Then you are at the right place! Join us and become part of our extraordinary community for social impact!


Artists that work with us will be able to contribute to meaningful projects and get:

  1. Worldwide exposure of creations

  2. New revenue stream

  3. New supporters base

Non Profit Organisations

With our unique NFT campaigns tailored to fulfil your goals, you get:

  1. New alternative revenue streams

  2. A new community of donors to which you also have access to

  3. A connection to the younger generations and the possibility to make them your new loyal supporters


We leverage the knowledge that we gain from our projects and use that to keep improving our services.

With you, as one of our partners and together with our community, we want to keep innovating to really make a difference in the world.



New generations want to support good causes however they also want to be sure that their donations are spent in the right way.

SocialPack provides full disclosure on how the money is spent by setting up clear goals with the non-profit organisation and making clear agreements on how to keep track of progress


Digital art is an emerging market that is becoming popular due to the NFT technology on the blockchain.

SocialPack makes use of 2 powerful mechanisms of this technology: 1. Art moves people and makes people talk about it resulting in a network effect. 2. NFTs are unique and contain proof of ownership that can be used as tickets to communities and events


Combining art and the NFT Technology unlocks different gamification opportunities.

SocialPack has developed a unique gamification concept on top of its services which increases the engagement with a community of donors and which has an enormous marketing collateral effect.



Depending on the agreement that we make with a non-profit organisation on how to execute the NFT campaign, we select the most suitable utility roadmap to meet their goals.

Look here for an overview of the utilities that we can offer

The team

Business Captain

"Bringing people together for social impact!"

Marketing Captain

"Activating people for social impact"

Technical Captain

"Implementing technologies for social impact!"