Social Media Platforms


With Instagram being the most prevalent social media platform at the moment, it's not only a wise business decision to build a following, but a great way to express your brand's unique creativity. 40 billion likes are handed out every single day and 48.8% of brands use Instagram, a number that is expected to rise to 70.7% in 2017. Studies on Instagram traffic have shown that 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing a post, such as visiting a website. Instagram has also introduced business tools, which makes advertising, and studying analytics, simple and straightforward. Social Business will help you showcase your products, services, facilities and brand in a beautifully planned out Instagram page, that is easy to manage and grow.


Social Business can help yours find its voice in the social media world. Businesses are based on the principle that success comes with growth and development, and part of that is staying current and innovative. Companies like Wendy's, a fast food chain with a sarcastic and hilarious twitter page, succeed by diversifying and constantly expanding their brand, this time in social media. Originally a quip back from a witty employee, Wendy's capitalized on its one time success and online traffic influx by continuing to build a social media presence, something that has only developed their business further. Social Business will help you develop a tone, plan your posts, and reach out to the right following for your business. With 53% of people recommending products on Twitter, growing a following can help your company inform, reach out, answer customer requests, complaints or suggestions and sometimes, even make people laugh.


Facebook is the most visited website of all time, and continues to remain at the top. The true pioneer of social media, Facebook is an amazing tool for all businesses to utilize. With virtually everyone on it (1 seventh of the world's population) your business gains connections in ways usually inaccessible. Facebook has geared itself for business use with pages designed specifically for companies, shopping buttons, and friendly user interfaces. 74% of consumers rely on social media influences before making a decision, which significantly narrows interest in your brand with a lack of online presence. Facebook is an accessible and easily forgotten about tool, that has the potential to expand your brand with massive outreach potential.

Blog/Website Development

With experience working with Shopify, GoDaddy, GSuite, Wordpress, Blogspot, Vistaprint and Mailchimp, Social Business can help you launch your blog or website, develop content, or an online store. We'll help you find a direction, and create a foundation to link all your social media accounts to, and inform your clients about your business.