Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal client for Social Business?

Social Business welcomes any and every business. With experience working with small business owners with absolutely no online presence, to managing large pre-existing accounts, every client is an new and exciting venture.

Why do I have to sign on for a fixed month plan?

As with any business component, growth and success comes with time and consistent hard work. Despite a proven ability to grow followings rapidly, it does take time to develop a presence. Top brands post on average 4.9 times a week on social media, and while this number is heavier in new accounts, it takes a few weeks at least to see a consistent growing in following and an aesthetic theme emerging. Our plans also give you the flexibility to use us as a building block to ultimately run your own social media accounts, or to continue to leave that up to us.

What does Social Business guarantee?

Social Business can promise to deliver a rapid following and online presence, and give you the tools needed to help run your own social media accounts going forward. You will learn all aspects of social media, how to create high quality photos, and how to do business outreach through social media; perhaps the most invaluable tool a business can have in the age of technology.