Social Business came not only from noticing the missed opportunities by not being on social media, but also from the complete absence of help there was accessible to businesses. Business owners might have a great idea, the established company and client base, but they're often too busy to manager their own accounts. Others simply don't even know where to start- that's where we come in!


With an inherent passion for digital marketing, Mirna started Social Business in 2017 after moving to Toronto and noticing how many great shops and businesses had little to no online presence. Realizing that she could turn what she loved to do into a career, Social Business was born. Having worked with clients in the professional sports, apparel, podcasting, health, and influencer world- as well as studying UX Design, Mirna has learned a ton about the digtal marketing space and loves to pass that knowledge along to her clients, to equip them for continued future success.


After graduating from Carleton University with an Honours Degree in Communications, Filip jumped right into the digital marketing workforce and joined an agency. There he had the opportunity to work on a variety of accounts, from copy writing to social media management. With a love for all things creative, Filip’s ideologies blend creativity with marketing strategy to deliver unique results across a wide array of industries.

Social media has become a science; there's marketing, communication, visual, and research components to it. From posts scheduled based on online traffic, to filters and flatlays, SEO results, multiple platforms and then additional apps to schedule posts in? The world of social media can be overwhelming, but with meticulous organization, creative content creation, and strategic scheduling, the following will begin to grow with ease.

With the online market further evolving at rapid speeds, if your company doesn't have an online presence, suffice it to say you're behind. Not to mention missing on a major marketing and branding opportunity. Not only is social media a low cost marketing tool with huge outreach, it's also a way to make physical sales. While the online retail world may seemed too big a job, we can show you just how easy e-commerce is to manage.