Developing a social media presence for business owners

Often a missed marketing and outreach opportunity for businesses, social media provides a free platform to users, with a massive established customer base. With 500 million active monthly users on Instagram alone, social media can take your business traffic to new heights, all with the click of a button. Social media might seem like a daunting world to take on by yourself, especially with a business to run, this is where Social Business comes in.

Social Business helps you develop a plan to expand your online presence, and set up a foundation for continued success, traffic and a growing following. From helping you establish your social media goals, choosing an aesthetic, gathering and creating content, growing a following, prescheduling your posts, to assisting in outreach and business development. Most importantly Social Business gives you the opportunity to set yourself up for continued business success and relevance through social media.

You don't need expensive advertising, campaigns, or professional photos. Social media is a low cost but incredibly effective tool that is such a missed opportunity for so many businesses. Everyone is on it, at all hours of the day, and the limits of your outreach potential are endless. Connect to the future, and bring yourself to the present with customized social media business plans by Social Business.

"Social media is here. It's not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are. In social media."

- Lori Ruff