In WS 2019/20 I will be teaching Topics in Algebraic Geometry - Introduction to moduli theory in Heidelberg.

Communications: We should probably have a preliminary meeting during the first or second week of October; please send me an email if you are interested! Also, please register on Müsli if you decide to take this class.

Room: INF 205/ SR 5, Time: Monday, 11-13

Sprechstunde: by appointment

Tentative syllabus:

  • the functorial point of view in algebraic geometry and examples
  • construction of the Hilbert scheme (recalling some tools in coherent cohomology)
  • basic notions of deformation theory and examples
  • the Picard scheme for curves

Prerequisites: a course in algebraic geometry at the level of Hartshorne ch. II and III

Oral exam

I will try to upload some lecture notes here