Pre Algebra

Check below on the calendar, to see what we do in class each day, and what assignments were given. It will also show if there is no homework assigned. Be sure to check and see what you have missed if you are absent. It is your responsibility to make up the assignments you miss if you are absent. If you have a printer at home, you will be able to download the assignment from "Assignment Documents" from the sidebar menu. You will also be able to download Frayer models that you have missed, or didn't have time to copy down in class. These will be found under "Frayer Models" from the side bar menu. There will most likely be video tutorials or a link you can click on, to find help on the topics we discuss in class. If you are absent or did not fully comprehend what we went over in class, you can click on "Homework Help & Tutorials" to find the video you are looking for.

Applying the Pythagorean Theorem in 3-D

March 20, 2018

*DMR- Review Unit 15 - Volume *Take Unit 15 DFA *NO HOMEWORK

March 19, 2018

*DMR - Review for Benchmark *Review formulas for Cones, Cylinders, and Spheres *NOTES: "Word Problems for Volume" *In-Class Assignment for Spheres **HOMEWORK: "Unit 15 - Volume Review"

March 12 - March 16


March 9, 2018 (Friday Schedule)

*8th Grade Tours High School 8:00 to 10:30ish *7th and 8th hours - practice finding volume of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres (problems are on the board)

March 8, 2018

*DMR - Review DFA 14 - Pythagorean Theorem *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: "Finding Volume of a Sphere" (Watch videos from Unit 15 on How we get the Formula of a Sphere), and how to Find the Volume of a Sphere of a problem actually solved). **No Homework

March 7, 2018

*DMR - How Many Solutions? (from the whiteboard) *Frayer Models (Cone, Sphere) *Review/Grade Homework *Notes: " Volume of a Cone" **HOMEWORK: "Finding Volume of A Cone"

March 6, 2018

DMR - Finish DFA 14 *Frayer Models for unit 15 (Volume, Cylinder, Radius, Diameter) *Introduction to Unit 15 *Notes: "Finding Volume of a Cylinder" *Assignment **HOMEWORK: "Finding Volume of a Cylinder

March 5, 2018

*Review/ Grade Unit 14 *Take Unit 14 DFA **NO HOMEWORK

March 2, 2018 (Friday Schedule)

*Review/Grade Homework *Review DFA 13 Results *Work on Unit 14 Review *HOMEWORK: Anything Not Finished in Class

March 1, 2018

DMR: "Substitution Hunt" *Review/Grade Homework *"Notes - "Finding the Diagonal of a Three Dimensional Objects. Using the formula" **HOMEWORK: "Finding the Diagonal of Rectangular Prisms"

February 28, 2018

*Mental Math: 2nd and 4th (7th and 8th grade DMR 37 *Frayer Models: (two-dimensional, three-dimensional) *Review/ Grade Homework *Notes: Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems **HOMEWORK: "Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems

February 27, 2018 (Substitute in the P.M.)

*DMR: #37 (Grade and turn it in) *NOTES: 2nd Hour Only - "Distance - Using Pythagorean Theorem and Distance Formula." *Examples *Homework Assignment **HOMEWORK: "Finding Distance Between Two Points"

February 26, 2018

*DMR: "System of Equations - Substitution Hunt" *Frayer Models (Pythagorean Triples, right triangle) *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: "Finding Distance - Using the Pythagorean Theorem and the Distance Formula" **NO HOMEWORK:

February 23, 2018 (Friday Schedule)

*Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: Pythagorean Triples *Assignment: "Pythagorean Triples" *Anything Not Finished in Class

February 22, 2018

*DMR: Finish DFA 13 *Frayer Models for Unit 14 (Pythagorean Theorem, legs, hypotenuse) *Introduction to Pythagorean Theorem (Unit Cover Sheet and Pythagorean Theorem Anchor Chart) *Notes: Finding Missing Sides of a Right Triangle **HOMEWORK: "Finding Missing Sides of a Right Triangle"

February 21, 2018

*Mental Math *Review/Grade Unit 13 Review *Take Unit 13 DFA **NO HOMEWORK

February 20, 2018

*DMR #36 *Review/ Grade Assignment *NOTES: "Systems of Equations - Setting up Equations from Word Problems" (Power Point) *Assignment **HOMEWORK: "Unit 13 Review (Has Word Problems in it)

February 19, 2018


February 16, 2018

*Review/Grade Homework *Review Substitution Method *Assignment *HOMEWORK: Anything not done in class

February 15, 2018

*Mental Math *Review/Grade Homework (2nd and 4th hour) *NOTES: "Systems of Equations - Substitution Method" **Homework: Substitution Method

February 14, 2017 (Valentines Social - Late Activity Schedule)

*DMR - #35 *Review/Grade Home **HOMEWORK: None

February 13, 2018

*DMR - Graphing Systems of Equations Worksheet *Frayer Models - Finish writing them down if you don't have them yet! *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: Solving Systems of Equations: Elimination Method Review *Homework Assignment: Elimination Method (Harder worksheet)

February 12, 2018

*Mental Math *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: "Systems of Equations: Elimination Method" *Examples **HOMEWORK Assignment: "Systems of Equations: Elimination Method"

February 9, 2018

District Inservice - No School

February 8, 2018

*Frayer Models for Unit 13 (parallel lines, coinciding lines) *Review/ Grade Homework *NOTES: "Graphing Systems of Equations to find the Solution" **HOMEWORK: "Graphing Systems of Equations"

February 7, 2018

*DMR 34 (New Worksheet) *Copy Frayer models if you haven't yet *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: "Converting to Standard Form Equations" -Peer Teaching with white boards **HOMEWORK: "Converting to Standard Form Equations"

February 6, 2018

*Finish DFA 12 and/or Vocabulary Test from Friday *Copy Frayer Models for Unit 13 (System of Equations, intersecting lines) *Introduction of Unit 13 - "Systems of Equations" *NOTES: "Intro. to Systems of Equations and Number of Solutions" (Power Point) *HOMEWORK: "How Many Solutions?"

February 5, 2018

*2nd Hour - Review/Grade homework from Thursday *Go over Unit 12 Review (keep in your notes) *Take DFA 12 "Scientific Notation" on the computer. **NO HOMEWORK

February 2, 2018 (Friday Schedule)

*Grade Homework *Vocabulary Test Units 1-12 *Unit 12 Review **Homework: Anything not finished in class of the Unit 12 Review

February 1, 2017

*Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: "Interpret Scientific Notation as Generated by Technology and Review *Homework: "Scientific Notation as Generated by Technology Review"

January 31, 2018

*DMR - Exponent Review from the Smart Board *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: Adding/Subtracting Scientific Notation * Examples *HOMEWORK: Adding/ Subtracting Scientific Notation

January 30, 2018

*Mental Math (for DMR 33) - grade worksheet *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: Dividing Scientific Notation *Examples on white boards **HOMEWORK: Dividing Scientific Notation

January 29, 2018

*DMR 33 *Review/Grade Homework *Notes: Multiplication of Scientific Notation *Examples **HOMEWORK: Scientific Notation: Multipication

January 26, 2018 (Friday Schedule)

*Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: 'Convert from Scientific Notation to Standard Notation" *Homework Assignment **HOMEWORK: Anything not finished in class!

January 25, 2018

*DMR 32 *Review DFA11 *Frayer Models (if you haven't written them down from yesterday. *Introduction to Unit 12 - Scientific Notation *Notes: "Converting from Standard Notation to Scientific Notation" **HOMEWORK: Converting from Standard to Scientific Notation"

January 24, 2018

Review/Grade Homework *Review for DFA Unit11 *Take DFA 11 - Properties of Exponents *Fix Mistakes from DFA9 *Frayer Models Unit 12 **NO HOMEWORK

January 23, 2018

*DMR - Mental Math *Review DFA #9 *Unit 11 Review *Homework Assignment **HOMEWORK: UNIT 11 REVIEW

January 22, 2018

*DMR - "Multiplication Rule of Exponents (Expanded) *Review/Grade Homework from Friday *Review Exponent Rules With Examples on the Smart Board (Peer Teaching) *Assignment **HOMEWORK: Exponent Review

January 19, 2018

*Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: Negative Exponent Rule *Examples *HOMEWORK: "Negative Exponents Rule - Used with Other Rules"

January 18, 2018

*Mental Math (for DMR 31) *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: "Power Rule of Exponents" (Peer Teaching) *Homework Assignment *HOMEWORK: "Power Rule of Exponents"

January 17, 2018

*DMR 31 *Review/Grade Homework *Review Multiplication Rule of Exponent *NOTES: Quotient Rule of Exponents (See video) *Homework Assignment **HOMEWORK: Quotient Rule of Exponents

January 16, 2018

*DMR - Finish DFA #9 - Open Note *Frayer Models (Unit 11 - exponent, power, base) * Introduction to Unit 11"Rules of Exponents" *NOTES: "Multiplication Rule of Exponents" *HOMEWORK: "Multiplication Rule of Exponents"

January 15, 2018

NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 12, 2018

*Grade/Review Homework *Start DFA Unit 9


January 11, 2018

*Mental Math (for DMR #30) *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: "Finding Slope and y-Intercept of the Line of Best Fit" **HOMEWORK: "Worksheet #4 More Lines of Best Fit - Finding the Slope and Equation of the Line of Best Fit"

January 10, 2018

*DMR #30 (New Worksheet) *Review/Grade Homework *NOTES: "Line of Best Fit" (See video) *Homework Assignment **HOMEWORK: "Worksheet #3 - Line of Best Fit"

January 9, 2018

*Mental Math (Write in DMR #29) *Grade *NOTES- Review "Correlation" (See video) *Assignment - *HOMEWORK: "Scatter Plot Worksheet #2 - Types of Correlation"

January 8, 2018

*DMR #28 *Frayer Models Unit 9 (Outliers, Clusters, *Line of Best Fit) *Introduction to Scatter Plots (video) **HOMEWORK: No Homework