Pre Algebra

Check below on the calendar, to see what we do in class each day, and what assignments were given. It will also show if there is no homework assigned. Be sure to check and see what you have missed if you are absent. It is your responsibility to make up the assignments you miss if you are absent. If you have a printer at home, you will be able to download the assignment from "Assignment Documents" from the sidebar menu. You will also be able to download Frayer models that you have missed, or didn't have time to copy down in class. These will be found under "Frayer Models" from the side bar menu. There will most likely be video tutorials or a link you can click on, to find help on the topics we discuss in class. If you are absent or did not fully comprehend what we went over in class, you can click on "Homework Help & Tutorials" to find the video you are looking for.