8th Grade Social Studies

Where History Happens!

"Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom."

John Adams, Defense of the Constitution, 1787


8th Grade Social Studies is a intermediate class, which will provide you with a foundation and understanding of various areas of Social Studies, including World War I, The Great Depression Era, and World War II to Present Day. Students will learn to apply critical thinking, research, analysis, and evaluation skills to social studies through various assignments, projects, activities, daily quizzes and quarterly benchmark tests.

Each "Course Unit" section will have a video to help review or introduce elements for that topic.

Student Resources can be found in the right column of each of the "Course Unit" pages, as follows:

Assignment Links (Including links to maps, videos, etc...)

Vocabulary Links (Including links to the Vocabulary page.)

"Topic" Worksheets

(Including copies of certain worksheets for classes, but not necessarily all worksheets.)

Online Textbook Links (Including links for the actual textbook online.)

Check the Calendar for additional information on what assignment might be assigned for each day.

Use the following video links for help on your assignments.

Additional Web Links (Including links to additional web resources on that topic.)

The following objectives and Essential Questions are the main points that you should be able to describe and answer by the time we are finished with each Unit.

Learning Objectives and Essential Questions are posted here, below the videos to help the students and parent understand what the key concepts of the unit we are studying.

The student should be able to describe or answer questions about the topics listed in the Learning Objectives and the Essential Questions.