Welcome to Career Week 2019!

Get Ready To See Your Future...


Welcome to Career Week!

Today in Homeroom you will be using Chromebooks to take a 5-10 minute Career Interest Survey, which will help you in exploring possible careers based on your interests. You do not need to print the results or turn anything in. This is just information for you to start thinking about your future.

To get started on this 5-10 minute survey, click on the following link: CAREER INTEREST PROFILER


Today you will explore 3 very different careers using your Chromebooks – A Video Game Designer, an Event Planner and an Environmental Engineer.

Please use and enjoy your gift which was donated by our PTA for your videos. To start, click on the link below.


Today during homeroom you will go on a Virtual Field Trip using your chrome books to select careers of your choice from our career video library. Please use the ear buds, which were donated by our PTA yesterday for your virtual field trip.

To start, click on the link below.

Thursday - Minimum Day

Today is an exciting day!

We have over 40 volunteers on campus today to share their careers with you. Spend Homeroom thinking of questions to ask our guests. Remember to be polite and thank them for taking time out their busy day to share their experiences with you.

TEACHERS: In the unfortunate event one of our scheduled speakers is unable to make it to your classroom, please click on the following video for students to watch in lieu of a speaker.

Curious Kids Explore Careers.