Discover your path. Plan your future. Launch your plan

The California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) partners with K-12 school districts to provide technological tools that support students and parents as they plan, prepare and figure out how to pay for college. The website,, allows students to build a comprehensive online portfolio which reflects a realistic and optimal picture of their past, present, and future selves. The portfolio allows students to easily share their plans with educators and parents. To help students build their portfolios, there are Milestones which are a list of prescribed activities for students. When they complete these activities, students can save them to their portfolio.

All students in SMUSD, grades 7-12, have an individual account that will stay with them as they progress from middle school to high school and beyond.

The platform features:

- Career assessments

- College, Career, and Major Search tools

- An Academic Planner for developing high school course plans

- Tools that support goal setting, task management, and self-reflection.

- An online digital portfolio to track college, career, and financial aid planning activities called My Plan

- Students benefit from a guided experience, completing grade level specific activities and associated worksheets that help them create a postsecondary plan aligned with their interests and goals

- Family members with accounts can view their students’ My Plan and access curated content focused on supporting their students through career exploration, as well as the college and financial aid planning and application processes

Discover your path


- Interest Profiler (all students)

- Learning Styles Inventory (middle school)

- Do What You Are (high school)

- Multiple Intelligences (high school)

Search Tools:

- Career Search Tool

- College Search Tool

- Major Search Tool

Plan your future

- Academic Planner: supports intentional course selection in middle and high school

- Search Tools: allow students to research and save favorites: colleges, careers, majors, scholarships (available Winter 2018).

- My Experiences: provides a space to log work, service, leadership, and extracurricular activities

- My Journal: includes prompts and opportunities for self-reflection.

- My Goals: provides a structured approach to articulating goals and how to reach them

- My Tasks: provides a standard task list (with associated worksheets) for steps in the planning process that is customizable by both educators and students

- My Documents: allows students to save resumes and other planning documents.

- My Plan: enables students to review favorites, track activities, and monitor academic progress in a digital portfolio

Launch your plan

- Applications: Seniors can launch Cal State Apply (CSU application), CCC Apply (community college application), and FAFSA/Dream Act (financial aid) through the platform

- My College Plan: Track deadlines and submissions

- My Documents: Save essays and other application documents