Discover Your Interests

Assessing and understanding your interests and skills is the first step in identifying a career path that is right for you. The California Colleges Interest Profiler is a great place to start! To begin your assessment, log on to your account. Click on the 'Career' tab at the top. Click on 'Interest Profiler' and begin.

Interest is a key motivating factor for work. If we are interested in our work, we will find it more enjoyable, be more motivated to learn about it, develop relevant skills, work hard, and persist through difficult challenges. These factors increase our chances of success and job satisfaction.

What are your interests? Think broadly when you answer this question — include work, academic, volunteer, and hobbies. Consider subject areas (e.g., biology, psychology, arts, etc.) as well as activities (e.g., clubs, public speaking, etc.) Below is a list of questions that may help you identify some of your interests.

• What are your favorite sections of the library or bookstore?

• When reading newspapers, magazines, surfing the Internet, or watching television, which issues/topics are you naturally drawn to?

• What activities or hobbies do you like to do in your spare time?

• What are the most interesting jobs you can think of?

• If money were no object, how would you make a living? How would you spend your time?

• What kinds of things are you doing when you lose track of time?

• If you won the lottery, to which causes/issues would you give the money?

• If you were a reporter, what kinds of stories would you write?

• What kinds of information do you find most fascinating?

• What would you do if there was nothing to hold you back?

• Which courses in school have you enjoyed the most?

• Which aspects of your job have you enjoyed (if you have a part time job)?

• What do you like to do with friends?

• What have you done that you are most proud of?