Welcome to First Grade

Week of February 18, 2019


2/19/19 - RELIGION: pray for the homeless

ELA : I told the students we would be writing a book report on our library book this week.

Tomorrow we will complete a practice one on a book we have read together......then I will send home a

paper for each child to complete by themselves and return by Friday.

SPELLING: write words 3X each in cybk

MATH: do wkbk pg. 84.......we worked on three addends before however some students were having

difficulty....I worked with students as well as "student helpers" who guided them through the process

of knowing what to do....hopefully everyone will be able to complete the assignment

2/20/19 - RELIGION: pray for the sick....our class will be attending the 9:00 am Mass tomorrow

ELA: due to the snowday and late arrival, in addition to the holiday on Monday, we will write a book

report next week on our library book. I want to familiarize the students with how to complete one

before I assign one.

SPELLING: write each word # 4-10 in a sentence. We will NOT have a test tomorrow...it will be on Monday.

MATH: do wkbk pg. 85

GYM: bring a water bottle

Brn Env: empty, sign, and return

2/21/19 - RELIGION: go to Mass if you are able to attend.

SPELLING: test on words

ELA: return library book if not already done

TEST FOLDER: initial tests and return

Enjoy the weekend:)

Week of February 4, 2019

2/4/19 - RELIGION: color picture of St. Blaise

ELA: library book..read and return


MATH: do wkbk pg. 78........the students will complete a check progress in a few days on

sums through 18....review wkbk pgs. 77,78,79 if needed

2/5/19 - RELIGION: pray for the sick....class brought home a puzzle of Jairus's daughter in blue

folder to keep at home...test on Chapter 14 on Friday

ELA: do punctuation wkst pg. 77

SPELLING: write words 3x ea in cybk

MATH: do wkbk pg. 79

2/6/19 - RELIGION: do pgs. 126,127...today we role-played Jesus healing the Leper...Chap. 14

test on Friday

ELA: rd pg. 9 in text...we received these new reading books today :)


MATH: do wkst......I told the students to complete the math problems themselves and

they could have help with the coloring of the picture.

VALENTINE DAY PARTY - Thursday, Feb. 14 - we will exchange valentine day cards

have a snack, and read a story. I plan for it to follow our Art class so no craft will

be needed at this time. Please send your cards to school by Wed. 2/13.

HELPPPPPP...we have only 5 canisters of cleaning wipes left from our original

supply of items from the beginning of the school. If you can please donate a

couple of lysol canisters to help keep our desks and tables germ free/clean. The

class uses them everyday that is why we are running out of wipes. Thank you.

( Our supply of baby wipes for hand cleaning is also getting low. )

2/7/19 - RELIGION: Chapter 14 test

ELA: write sentences for wds # 6-10 in S cybk....together we did them for # 1-5 in class

SPELLING: test on wds

MATH: do wkbk pg. 80

BROWN ENVELOPE: empty, sign, return

GYM: please bring a water bottle :)

2/8/19 - Just a reminder that we will have a Valentine card exchange at our party on Thursday. If

you need a class list please let me know.

Thank you to the parents who sent into school anti bacterial wipes for cleaning our

desks. Let's keep the germs out of our classroom!!!

Have a nice weekend :)

Week of August 27, 2018

8/27/18 - Welcome To The Fabulous First Grade!!!

It was a joy having your children today in first grade and being their teacher. We reviewed classroom rules and

proper behavior both in the classroom and on the playground. They were attentive listeners and worked well

together in all I asked them to do. I sent home their traveling folder with the hot lunch menu inside, to be

returned by Wednesday, Sept. 5, if you want them to be getting hot lunch beginning on Monday, Sept. 10.

Our Back To School Night is Thursday, Sept. 6 and at that time I will discuss the policies and procedures in

first grade. Thank you for sending in the school supplies, etc. per my request.

Have a good night.......remember no school tomorrow :)

Week of June 4, 2018

6/4/18 - NO SCHOOL

6/5/18 - Religion: pray for peace

DRESS: Patriotic Day...wear red, white, or blue


Art Portfolios sent home today.....hope all the pieces made the trip home :-)

6/6/18 - Religion : pray for the homeless...I sent home their Religion books and their R cybks...please keep home

ELA : Show and Tell....something small if possible...we have many books, etc. to bring home so much

space is needed in their backpack for things

Reading: Each child was given a bag of booklets to keep and help strengthen their decodable skills in

reading. I suggest having your child read a booklet and discuss it with you; they may color the pictures or

mark up the words if they want. We have read some of them in class but they may need help with others;

also some booklets need to be stapled. These booklets are portable so can be brought in the car or on

vacation, etc.

PIZZA PARTY : we will have a pizza party in the cafe with a drink and dessert....if your child does not like pizza please send in a lunch.

DRESS: Sports Day...anything sports team, etc.

6/7/18 - Religion : Mass @ 9:00 am for closing of school year

DRESS: students are asked to wear their Sunday Best....nice play clothes, etc.

Please have students bring their backpacks to school tomorrow to carry home report cards, pencil cases,etc

We finished our story about Junie B. Jones and her trip to Hawaii today. In it she completed a photo

journal of all her adventures. I gave the students our first grade photo journal to remember many of

the fun things that we too did in first grade at St. Mary School in Room 1. ENJOY

ALL things students brought home today in their backpacks as well as in bags can be kept home......

Thanks to Mrs. Sickinger for a delicious pretzel treat at snack, and to our FABULOUS homeroom moms for

providing our pizza party for our end of the year lunch - GREAT JOB MRS. SATALIN and MRS. TOSCO !!!

6/8/18 - HAVE AN AWESOME SUMMER !!!!!!!