Aracely Guillen

¡En Español, por favor!

Learning a second language fosters conversations between people, communities, and cultures. In a world of diversity and globalization, it's critical to understanding. It improves problem solving skills, creates an understanding of other cultures, develops diverse ways of learning.

Middle School:

It’s a scary feeling to speak another language, especially, in front of other people. I put students in small teams to practice their Spanish. They have an opportunity to collaborate on assignments given in class. They role play to practice speaking Spanish. It helps develop confidence and courage to speak a different language. In addition, there are roles and responsibilities within the teams. It also creates leadership skills. We also rotate roles so everyone has an opportunity to be captain of their team.

We recently started an exercise called Cultural Spotlight for 7th and 8th grade. They research a topic they picked, in the chapter we are studying, and tell the class about it. This month the focus is on food in Spanish speaking countries.

I speak Spanish in the classroom. I also encourage students to speak Spanish during class. In class, it is okay to make mistakes because we learn from those mistakes. Students should feel safe and comfortable when speaking Spanish so they can practice without judgement.

Our main resource for middle school is from Pearson Language curriculum. It is comprehensive and teaches culture, literature, and language.

Fourth and Fifth Grade:

We create our own stories based on new vocabulary. The idea is to build on what has already been learned and apply it in a story. Once we have completed our story, we will role play it in class. The approach is to practice speaking in Spanish and build confidence.

Kindergarten to Third Grade:

Basic introduction of Spanish. Vocabulary is introduced and taught through rhyme and songs. Our focus is learning the alphabet, colors, numbers, seasons, days of the week, introductions.

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Research cited by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) shows that language learning supports academic achievement and cognitive abilities.