Physical Education

Steve Robichaud

The SMSJ Physical Education program provides an opportunity for each student to develop physically, mentally and spiritually. The main focus is placed on active participation and genuine effort in order to establish a fun and enjoyable environment. Cooperation, respect for others and doing one’s best are the fundamental objectives of the program.

Saints Physical Education Expectations:




  • The concepts of good sportsmanship, active participation and genuine effort are promoted at every level.
  • A fitness component is introduced at each level to instill the importance of a healthy lifestyle for all.
  • Locomotor movement and spatial awareness are vital to the Elementary P.E. program.
  • Fundamental game skills, including but not limited to, catching, dribbling, kicking, passing, shooting and throwing are also introduced at the elementary level.
  • Refining fundamental game skills and emphasizing overall physical activity is an important emphasis at the Middle School level.
  • Age appropriate games/activities requiring the use of fundamental game skills are an integral part of the overall Physical Education program.