Welcome to...

Mrs.Salvatierra's Kindergarten Class!

We are so glad that our Moms could come on Friday morning-thank you for all you do ! I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day (despite the 900th day of rain) and a good weekend !

  • Please remember to send the rest towel back to school each week. Please send a regular size towel since it is easier to fit in the locker.
  • Please continue to send a small separate snack for morning snack in addition to lunch. (It can be kept in the lunch box or the backpack.) The dish or tea towels are very helpful at lunch also for spills as well as a "place mat". Water bottles can be brought to school daily. Even on hot lunch days, please send a small snack for morning and a small towel for lunch.
  • We will continue practicing building words and decoding words with our letters and sounds. Please make a flash card for each letter and each word so that you can practice these letters/sounds and words at home regularly. We will review vowel sounds. We are also practicing other letters sounds like the blends.
  • We will continue practicing sight words including reading and writing the sight words. The "w", "th", and "wh" words are tricky! As we add more sight words, please practice reading (isolation and context)the sight word as well as spelling/writing the sight word. Making and writing sentences using the sight words is another good way to reinforce the sight words.
  • We will continue to practice numbers to 100 in different ways and continue to practice addition and subtraction.
  • In handwriting we have practice writing all the lower and upper case letters. We will continue to work on handwriting fluency for the lower and upper case letters, as well as numbers.
  • We will continue using our journals to express our ideas in complete sentences. We are working on using at least five words, with spaces, with an end mark, and with a upper case letter at the beginning of the sentences. We are practicing writing more detail to "describe" things. We are working on writing more than one sentence. We are looking at other uses of writing like a personal narrative.
  • Our theme this week St. Joseph and Fathers.
  • We will have regular show and tell this Friday.
  • We will see the "Mary Poppins" play performed by the creative arts club on Friday afternoon.


  • 5/22 Field trip to Ladew Gardens in the morning/wear uniform/lunch at school
  • 5/27 No school
  • 5/31 Early dismissal
  • 6/11 Early dismissal
  • 6/12 Last day for kindergarten (kindergarten does not come on 6/13)
  • 6/12 Kindergarten prayer service in the church at 9:30-All are welcome to come ! Students will get to leave with families after the prayer service.