Fri. June 1--1/2 day, no math, no homework

Thurs. May 31--No homework

Wed. May 30--Houghton Mifflin Math textbook p. 531 #6, 10; p. 535 Logical Thinking #1-4; p. 543 #1-2; p. 545 #11

Tues. May 29--Google Classroom--watch Math Antics video on Probability and answer a few simple questions about it.

Fri. May 25--Memorial Day weekend--no homework

Thurs. May 24--You have been working hard--enjoy a no homework night!

Wed. May 23--Performance Assessment (Harcourt PA 13) "Ticket Sales"

Tues. May 22--Integers and the Coordinate Plane with 4 Quadrants (HM 23.1 p. 149)

Mon. May 21--Performance Assessment (Harcourt PA21) "At the Stadium"

Fri. May 18--Benchmark test (ML p. 99) on adding and subtracting negative integers

Thrus. May 17--HM 22.3 Model Addition of Integers

Wed. May 16--HM Integers and Absolute Value Problem Solving 22.1 worksheet

Tues. May 15--Box and Whisker Plots ML pp. 657-660--read pages, but do prob. #7 and #8 only

Mon. May 14--IXL #X.1 complete to 80% (aim for 100%)

Fri. May 11--No Math (Philadelphia field trip)

Thur. May 10--p. 65 and p. 81 Chapter Challenges Worksheet (Stock Market Graphs; Powers of 10 challenges) due Mon.; Percent Test Corrections and Tests due Mon.

Wed. May 9--19.6 worksheet on Circle Graphs and %; Ch. Test on Percent tomorrow

Tue. May 8--Percent Pretest (Ch. 19 HM); Percent Test Thurs.

Mon. May 7--No School (PD)

Fri. May 4--1/2 Day (PD) No Math

Thurs. May 3--Chapter Challenges p. 111, 113 Use Percents and People Percentages

Wed. May 2--Find Simple Percentages Sheet 1 Math Salamanders.com

Tues. May 1--Worksheet 19.3 Compare Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Mon. Apr. 30--Worksheet 19.2 Relate Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Fri. Apr. 27--No homework--take a break!

Thurs. Apr. 26--Worksheet on Division of Mixed Number Fractions; Test tomorrow on rates, ratios, proportion, and scale (similar to homework and classwork we have had).

Wed. Apr. 26--Worksheet on Division of Fraction on a Number Line; Test Fri. on proportions

Tues. Apr. 24--Worksheet on Unit Rates

Mon. Apr. 23--IXL M.26 work for 15 min. and see how many you can solve (for this website, answers MUST BE IN MIXED NUMBER FORM to be scored correct). Give Mrs. Christesen your 15 min. score tomorrow. Good luck!

Fri. Apr. 20--no homework

Thurs. Apr. 19--Proportion Worksheet 18.4

Wed. Apr. 18--Rate worksheet 18.3

Tues. Apr. 17--(Testing Week) Watch the Math Antics video on Google Classroom (about 9 min.) and write an additional sentence explaining how ratios and rates are related. For friends talking during younger grade silent time, please go to IXL Grade 3 Skill X.2 (Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line) and complete.

Mon. Apr. 16--(Testing Week) Spend at least 10 min. playing with Tangram link puzzles on Google Classroom.

Fri. Apr. 13--(Testing Week) No homework

Thurs. Apr. 12--(Testing Week) 5 problem worksheet of fractions and decimals

Wed. Apr. 11--(Testing Week) 4 problem worksheet of fractions and decimals

Tues. Apr. 10--Measurement by 1/2, 1/4, and 1/16 inches worksheets

Mon. Apr. 9--Q2:5 practice (standardized testing begins Wed.)

Wed. Mar. 28--No homework, but you asked for sites to explore for multiplication and division of fractions, so I will put a few suggestions from IXL, Google Classroom, and Zearn below for your pleasure. HAPPY EASTER!

Zearn: Go to topic E for Multiplication of Fraction practice. IXL: M-17 is great practice (review any of the M category for multiplying fractions). Google Classroom: the two Annenberg sites for modeling multiplying and dividing fractions (make sure you can model as well as solve with digits).

Tues. Mar. 27--Text 847-848; Google Classroom--play with three Annenberg links

Mon. Mar. 26--Text 869-870 (Metric Mass)

Fri. Mar. 23--Math review worksheet p. Q2:8; Q4:2 (front and back)

Thurs. Mar. 21--SNOW, no school.

Wed. Mar. 20--SNOW, no school.

Tues. Mar. 19--"We'd Go to Any Lengths" worksheet tonight; Practice IXL W.2 over next several days; if no school tomorrow, then try Wacky Graphs, and Bar Graphs and Line Graphs (see what you can do....).

Mon. Mar. 18--IXL Y.4 Elapsed Time (was hard for last year's 5th graders, but this class says they have it...?); Practice IXL W.2 over the next several days.

Fri. Mar. 16--Text p. 903, 904, 905 (Polygons--try it!)

Thurs. Mar. 15--Math Maintenance p. 12 (should be easier to work on after today)

Wed. Mar. 14--Text p. 602-603 (shortened class, 20 min. Prayer Service for School Peace)

Tues. Mar. 13--Text p. 577, 578, 580 (write yellow highlighted definitions in your copybook)

Mon. Mar 12--Math Maintenance p. 11 only (shortened class for Reconciliation, and we did not get to go over all ideas. Try you best).

Fri. Mar. 7--Text p. 569-572

Thurs. Mar. 6--Text p. 563 in copybook write out two definitions. Read page carefully. Complete pages 563 and 564 (we worked with visual examples of equivalent fractions in the lab on Tues.) Use fraction bars to check you work on Guided Practice work. Divisibility Quiz tomorrow (divisible by 2,3,4,5,6,9,10). Ch 7 Quiz Test corrections due tomorrow.

Wed. Mar. 5--School closed due to snow and ice

Tues. Mar. 4--Text p. 561-562

Mon. Mar. 3--Color Gallon paper; Text p. 557

Fri. Mar. 2--On Measurement Lab worksheet, take measurements for cm and change to mm and for ml change to liters.

Thurs. Mar. 1--Text p. 555-556 (Fractions); Quiz tomorrow on Order of Operations and Coordinate Plane (Ch. 7)--Bring home both textbooks

Wed. Feb. 28--Text p. 807-808 (Convert Customary Units of Length)--SAVE YOUR MEASUREMENT PAPERS FROM TODAY--we will be doing more work with them.

Tues. Feb. 27--Text p. 803-804 (Measurement Intro.)--sorry for the page typo!!

Mon. Feb. 26--Text p. 551, 552, 553 (Fraction work)

Fri. Feb. 23--Text p. 505-506; Ch. 6 Test Corrections DUE MONDAY

Thurs. Feb. 22--Text p. 501-502 (Work Backward Strategy); Test Corrections DUE MONDAY

Wed. Feb. 21--Only Homework is Test Corrections (due Mon.)

Tues. Feb. 20--Text p. 531-532

Mon. Feb. 19--No School President's Day

Fri. Feb. 16--Text p. 489, 495-496

Thurs. Feb. 15--487-488

Wed. Feb. 14--Text pp. 481-482,483

Tues. Feb. 13--Do pp. 87-88

Mon. Feb. 12--Ch. 6 Test (pretest) pp. 83, 84, 85, 86 (Do not do pp. 87-88). Please struggle with this on your own. If you are completely stuck and cannot move forward on a problem, please have your parents initial the problem. It will help our class work and test preparation skills to know which things are troubling you. Thank you!

Fri. Feb. 9--pp. 467-469; prepare for Ch. 6 Test on Wed.

Thurs. Feb. 8--p. 449-451

Wed. Feb. 7--School closed due to ice. We quickly worked yesterday in the computer lab on division of decimals. Please complete these twelve problems: p. 437 (divide a decimal by a whole number); p. 440 #9 (find the error); p. 443-446. When completed, please go to Google Classroom, watch video, and answer two questions. Thank you!

Tues. Feb. 6--read and carefully study pp. 423-424; do pp. 424, 425, 426 (looks longer than it really is). If we have yet another weather event tomorrow, please check Google Classroom for additional homework. Thank you!

Mon. Feb. 5--2 hour delay--no math class

Fri. Feb. 2--Look up and write down definitions of four words: square, rectangle, triangle, and parallelogram

Thurs. Feb. 1--Text 417-420; Ch 5 Performance Task due tomorrow

Wed. Jan. 31--text p. 413; Ch. 5 Perf. Task due Fri.

Tues. Jan. 30--2 hour delay--no math class. Ch. 5 Performance Task due Friday (Graded homework)

Mon. Jan. 29--CSW--no math class

Thurs. Jan. 25--Text p. 405-406

Wed. Jan. 24--Math Maintenance Gr. 5 p. 1-2 due Tues. (substitute--all day math workshop)

Tues. Jan. 23--Text p. 399

Mon. Jan 22--Text p. 398 Ch 5 Test corrections due tom

Fri. Jan 19--Text p. 392-393; (Please note: Ch 5 Test Corrections will be given out on Monday)

Thurs. Jan 18--Text p. 381-382

Wed. Jan. 17--No School (snow/ice)--Google Classroom invitation for Perimeter and Area (Math Antics) with questions.

Tues. Jan. 16--2 hour ice delay--no math class; Homework: Ch. 5 Test tomorrow; Ch 6 Write the ESSENTIAL QUESTION in your copybook; create Power of 10 Foldable; read and complete p. 379-380.

Mon. Jan. 15--No School MLK

Thurs. Jan. 11--Pretest for Ch. 5; Ch. 5 Test tomorrow

Wed. Jan. 10--Be prepared for quiz (decimal addition, subtraction, and estimating); p. 359-360; Ch 5 Test Fri.

Tues. Jan 9--No school (ice)--view from home on Google Classroom videos on area, volume, variables, and expressions

Mon. Jan. 8--Be prepared for quiz (decimal addition and subtraction and estimating); p. 341 Read and know vocabulary; p. 343 do; Ch 4 Performance Task Corrections due

Fri. Jan. 5--No math (2 hour delay)

Thurs. Jan. 4--No school (snow)

Wed. Jan. 3--Text pp. 317-318 due tomorrow; Math Maintenance pp 27-28 due Monday; Test corrections for Ch 4 Performance Task now due Mon. (since Wed. Folders apparently did not go home today)

Tues. Dec. 12--Text p. 307-308

Mon. Dec. 11--Text p. 303-304 (Ch 4 Performance Assessment today--not generally easy! We'll see where we need to go with that...)

Thurs. Dec. 7--Worksheet Performance Task p. 129-130; prepare for Performance Task Assessment for Ch 4

Wed. Dec. 6--Text p. 285 (show diagrams); Text p. 285; be prepared for quiz on Ch. 4

Tues. Dec. 5--Performance Task p. 127-128 (worksheet); Ch. 3 Test Corrections due tomorrow; be prepared for quiz on Ch. 4

Mon. Dec. 4--Text pp. 297, 298, 299; Ch 3 Test corrections due Wed.

Thurs. Nov. 30-p. 266; Maintenance due Mon. (today in class we completed the "Talk Math" on p. 264 and worked Example 2, then we checked our homework which included a check for reasonableness). We will not have a full chapter test for Ch. 4 (smaller assessments next week). We will be moving on to adding and subtracting decimals.

Wed. Nov. 29--p. 265; Maintenance due Mon.

Tues. Nov. 28--p. 261-262; https://www.mathlearningcenter.org/web-apps/number-pieces/ (use this site for virtually manipulating base ten blocks--yes, you may print out pictures as your solutions if you wish); Math Maintenance p. 9-p. 10 due Mon.

Mon. Nov. 27--Text p. 259; Math Maintenance 9-10 due Mon.

Thurs. Nov. 16-- Pretest; Ch. 3 Test tomorrow; Math Maintenance due tomorrow.

Wed. Nov. 15-- Text p. 231-232; Ch. 3 Test Fri.; Math Maintenance due Fri.

Tues. Nov. 14-- Text p. 209-210 Read; Do p. 211; Ch 3 Test Friday; Maintenance due Fri. (no class on Mon. :))

Mon. Nov. 13 Text p. 187-188; 197; Check My Progress Quiz tomorrow; Ch. 3 Test by Friday (chapter is "easy" students say, and basically a review of 4th grade work).

Thurs. Nov. 9 Text p. 177-178; Maintenance due Mon.; Corrections do no later than Mon.

Wed. Nov. 8 Text p. 173-174; Maintenance due Mon.; Test Corrections no later than Mon.

Tues. Nov. 7; NO HOMEWORK--enjoy!

Mon. Nov. 6; Text pp. 161-162; Signed Test Correction letter (in binder); Test Corrections due Mon. 11/13; Graded Maintenance p. 11-12 due Mon. 11/13

Thurs. Nov. 2 Text pp. 147-148; Ch 2 Test tomorrow

Wed. Nov. 1; Ch 2 Pretest; Ch 2 Test Friday

Tues. Oct. 31; No Homework--Halloween; Ch 2 Test Friday

Mon. Oct. 30; Complete Section A of Annenberg Learner Lesson on Fair Allocations that we talked about on Friday and you worked with in Science on Friday (if unable to complete, please bring in note from parent explaining the issue encountered) https://www.learner.org/courses/learningmath/data/session5/part_a/index.html ; Ch. 2 Test Fri. Maintenance due Mon.

Thurs. Oct. 26: Text pp. 127-128; Ch. 2 Test Fri.; Maintenance due Mon.

Wed. Oct. 25--No Class (Art Museum Field Trip)

Tues. Oct. 24--Text pp. 123-124; Math Maintenance due Mon.; Ch. 2 Test next Thurs.

Mon. Oct. 23--Text pp. 119-120; Math Maintenance due Mon.

Thurs. Oct. 19--Graded Quiz Tomorrow; Text pp. 107, 111, and 112; Maintenance due Mon.

Wed. Oct. 18--Text pp. 103-104; Maintenance due Mon.

Tues. Oct. 17--Text p. 99-100; Maintenance due Mon.

Mon. Oct. 16--Text p. 97 and 98; Maintenance due Mon.

Thurs. Oct. 12--No Homework (no class tomorrow for Grandparent's Day); no maintenance work due this week

Wed. Oct. 11--Text pp. 85-86

Tues. Oct. 10 finish work begun in computer lab (use site to complete 100's chart and find prime factors under 100)

Thurs. Oct. 5 Text p. 70; Vocab. for Ch. 2 cut out and reviewed; Maintenance due Tues (graded--no school on Mon. :))

Wed. Oct. 4 Standardized Test Practice worksheet; Maintenance due Mon. (graded)

Tues. Oct. 3; (Computer Lab Day); Ch. 1 Test Wed.; Maintenance due Mon. (graded)

Mon. Oct. 2 Pretest; Ch 1 Test Wed.; Maintenance due Mon. (graded)

Thurs. Sept 28--text p. 57-58; Mon. Maintenance due (graded); Ch. 1 Test Wed.

Wed. Sept 27--text p. 47-48; Oct. 2 Maintenance

Tues. Sept. 26--text p. 44 study and complete Example 3 and then finish the page; Maintenance work due Oct. 2

Thurs. Sept. 21--NO HOMEWORK!

Wed. Sept. 20 Text p. 38

Tues. Sept. 19 Text pp. 41-42

Mon. Sept. 18 Text p. 33-34; Graded Quiz on Lessons 1-4 Tomorrow.

Thurs. Sept. 14 Archbishop visit--no class

Wed. Sept. 13 Text p. 27-28

Tues. Sept. 12 Text p. 21-22

Monday Sept. 11: Text p. 15

Thursday Sept. 7, 2017: IXL Grade 3 G.7 (Multiplication Review)

Wednesday Sept. 6, 2017: Cut out vocabulary and foldable for Ch. 1. Look them over (no need to write anything yet). Store them in envelopes we created in class today. Inventory test tomorrow.