Mrs. Burke

First Grade Announcements


It is going to be an exciting year!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Archdiocese has changed to a new volunteer compliance program called Virtus. Please read the four attachments for detailed information. If you are currently compliant with the Shield the Vulnerable program and have not reached your expiration date, there is nothing that you need to do at this time. If you are a new volunteer, you will need to register and be compliant through the Virtus program. If you need assistance, you may contact Mrs. Brenda Bell at 410-877-9660 or You may also contact the Archdiocese at 410-547-5348.

Saint Margaret Webpage

Our Room Parent for the 2017-2018 school year is Katie Jenkins.


Please sign up for REMIND, which is an app I will use to send quick reminders about events and schedule/ homework changes. Please use the following link to get started using


You could also use your smartphone to text the following:

text: @ "1b2017-18" to 81010 and join Mrs. Burke's class

Meet the Teacher Day

I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday, August 30th. The classroom will be open between 7:30am and 12:00pm. There will be paperwork for you to fill out.

Please bring the following items with you on Meet the Teacher Day:

*check for milk $8

*Please have your calendar available.

*important phone numbers for paperwork, insurance info, emergency contacts

*small photos - a recent picture, Baptism, grandparents, baby picture, pets

*Summer Reading list and Library certificate - This is a graded assignment.

*There is no need to print anything out for the Summer Math IXL. I am able to check your child's progress. Please have this completed by the first day of school. This is a graded assignment.

Books will be sent home to be covered with clear contact paper. This can be found at local stores. Supplies will be sent home to be labeled. Please write your child's name and 1B on all of your child's supplies.

*** If you have saved BOX TOPS over the summer you may bring them in.

*** Please attend Back to School Night. Important information about First Grade will be shared.

*During the year, if your child will not be attending EDC, please email them and copy me as well.

*If you child is being picked up early, please send a note or an email in the morning, so that I may have all work ready. Please go to the office and sign your child out. You may also contact the office and they will let me know.

*Please label all of your child's belongings.

*If your child is absent you will find all classwork and HW in his/her mailbox each day.

*Please send all notes, money.... in an envelope or baggie marked clearly with your child's name and content.

Supply List

Students will be given all their supplies for the year. There are a few things that need to be purchased at a local store. Students will need earbuds or a headset to use with the iPad while listening to stories. The headsets seem to be easier for them to use.

*When their supplies run out, you will be notified.

First Grade Supply List Please scroll down to locate the 1st Grade list.

Water Bottles

*** Reusable water bottles may be brought each day. Please make sure they have a sip top and the lid is secure. These prevent spills in the classroom. Thank you! Only water may be placed in the bottle.

Healthy snack

Please have your child pack their snack in a pocket of their backpack. Please do not place snack in lunch boxes. This saves on time and many spills in the coat closet. Thanks!

Bite size fruit (grapes, raisins, cut apples, etc.) Bananas, peaches, plums, oranges are best to be eaten at lunch.

Bite size vegetables such as carrots or celery

Crackers (goldfish, cheese nips, packaged crackers, etc.)

Fruit snacks (please NO fruit roll-ups or fruit by the foot)

Pop-tarts, crackers, dry cereal & pretzels

***Peanut butter/nuts may be eaten during snack. PLEASE let our school nurse and me know about any food allergies! We are not a peanut/nut free building.

*Cookies and sweets may be saved for a lunch dessert.

*Please NO dips, chips, cheese curls or anything that is messy or sticky on fingers. We will have a working snack before outside play, so all food should be easy to eat while working on activities.

LUNCH 11:20-12:00

  • If you are unable to attend lunch duty, please send a class email out and someone may be able to help. If you cannot find a helper, please send me an email so that I may make arrangements to get milk.
  • Lunch Moms and Dads, please pick up milk in the kitchen before arriving at the classroom. There is a list on the refrigerator that will tell you the amount needed for our class. Extra milk can be taken back after lunch. Thank you for all of your help!!!
  • Please place a towel in the lunch box to cover your child's desk. Towels will go home each day. Hand cleaner may be brought to school. It is important that you teach your child how to use it correctly. Baby wipes will be supplied.
  • ****Please send a spoon in the lunchbox if needed.
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may be eaten for lunch.
  • No OUTSIDE lunches may be sent in.



Hot Lunch Programs

***Tuesday Hot Lunch Program: DUE the 15th of each. Please go in and "EDIT" your child's grade/homeroom before ordering.

***Wednesday/Thursday Hot Lunch Program:

***Lunches are provided by Good Taste Catering, and are now available for ordering at, The deadline for Thursday orders is 7 days prior to each lunch. Both new and returning customers will need the Saint Margaret school password of "SMS114" when ordering.

Mystery Readers

Mystery Readers are special guests who come to our classroom to read a story to students. The Mystery Reader may dress up like the character or bring in a special treat that relates to the story. If you would like a special relative to come, please have them become "SHIELD" approved early. Please do not tell your child who is coming in. We all have fun trying to figure it out throughout the week! You may sign up on the Sign Up Genius page.



You may come in and join your child for lunch. Birthday treats are welcomed! You may sign up as the lunch helper that day on the Sign Up Genius lunch page. Please note that you are celebrating a birthday. If someone has already signed up on that day, you still may join us! Please contact our Room Mother and let her know. If your child had a birthday in June/ August please celebrate it in September.

Ideas: cupcakes (less icing is best), brownies, ice cream cups, cookies, small doughnuts

Please do not bring in ice cream cakes and sheet cakes.

*** Birthday invitations/gifts may not be given out at school. Thank you for understanding.

Class Parties

*** Parents may sign up for ONE party.

*** All must be Shield approved. Please check on this early.

Halloween- Tuesday, October 31 Students may come dressed in their costumes. Please leave accessories at home. Students will be trick or treating around the school. All treats will be sent home in backpacks.

Christmas- Wednesday, December 20th 1:20-2:20

Earth Day Celebration Party- April 20 Time- 1:20-2:20

End of the Year First Grade Celebration- All parents are invited to attend this fun field trip! TBA


Field Trips

*** All must be Shield approved. Please check on this early.

*Ladew Gardens - Spring

*Herr's Potato Chip Factory/ park - May 30th


*Please check homework page each day. Homework "To Do List" will not be sent home. Children will begin writing their homework down later in the year.

*Students will complete written HW, IXL (Math & ELA), Prodigy and HW on my Google Classroom page. These assignments are sent to me electronically.

**** All homework should have your child's name on it. Please have them check, before placing it in their folder.

*The HW folder will go home each day. Please clean it out each afternoon, so that your child know's what to hand in the next day.

*HW slips will be issued when HW is not returned on the due date. This includes online work,too.

*Students will be required to read each evening, log their book on the Book-It Calendar and complete a graphic organizer on book. If you need extra Book-It sheets they are available on my HW page.

*Math facts (+/-) to 18 should be memorized this year. Quizzes will be given throughout the week to check for speed and fluency.

*Each week students will write a letter to the student of the week. Information is on the Student of the Week page. Extra letter paper is available on the "Student of the Week" page.

Seesaw app

This is an digital portfolio of your child's work. Your child will add work to their folder throughout the year. This is a great way to see what your child is doing in the classroom. A QR code and directions for allowing you to view their online portfolio will be sent home. At the end of the year you will be given directions, so that you may archive your child's work.

First Grade Information

First Grade Back to School Night 2017-2018

Hello School Families,

The next Home and School Association (HSA) fundraiser event is coming up quickly! The HSA Designer Handbag Bingo will be held on Friday, January 26, 2018 (snow date Friday, February 2, 2018). Event tickets are on sale now and we have extended the "Early Bird" table pricing until December 15, 2017.

All of the details for the event and pricing are available in the attachment to this email. Make sure that you do not delay as we sold out last year!

If you have any questions, email

We hope to see you at this exciting event!

Bingo Ticket Order.pdf