I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather. I think we have a good chance of getting through January without any more delays or closings! Our schedule has been so inconsistent that I urge you to practice sight words and reading stories aloud at home to keep skills strong.

Our theme for the week is Space Exploration. This is a large topic so we will continue it through CSW. We will name the planets and learn the characteristics of each one. We will talk about astronauts and how they help us learn about our galaxy. We will learn about the phases of the moon and the rotation of the earth around the sun.

Our new words are "we" and "want" and our new letter is Ww. In LA, we will identify sounds that are different in similar words, blend new words with /w/, write sentences using "we" and "want" and understand the purpose of directions.

In math, we will continue to explore measurement(height, capacity) and begin to tell time to the hour.

Thank you so much for the Bingo donations and the pajama and sock donations!!! You are awesome! Have a great week!