Welcome to Kindergarten at SMS! I am looking forward to meeting everyone on August 28th for Meet the Teacher Day (7:30 am -12:00). If possible, please bring these items when you come; a labeled rest mat cover ( a smallbath/ beach towel is perfect), a set of headphones (not earbuds), an individual picture of your child, a family photo, and a family pet photo (if applicable) and finally, a bag with a change of clothes( does not have to be the school uniform) in case of spills. I will be happy to answer questions on MTTD, but will have limited time for a lot of individual attention due to the nature of the event. I will give a thorough explanation of the curriculum, schedules, expectations, activities, field trips, etc. during our Kindergarten Orientation on 9/4. In the meantime, feel free to email me with questions you might have.