I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The sun finally came out but I think we are due for some more rain this week. Thank you to everyone who donated items to Birthright. We collected so many items and your generosity is appreciated.

Our theme this week is My Senses. We will learn how we use our senses to discoverand appreciate God's creation. We will also begin to use our science journals as we learn what scientists do. Our new letter is Ss and our new sight word is "a". We have learned what is means to predict outcomes, counted words in a sentence, identified a "period" as one way to end a sentence and identified characters in a story. This week we will count syllables in words, learn the purpose of a label and learn about "settings" in a story. In math, we have identified shapes( square, rectangle, triangle, rhombus,circle, and hexagon) and named the number of sides/vertices each has. Everyone could use practice identifying these shapes so please practice this at home. This week in math, we will use shapes in patterns. We will identify and create AB, and AAB, patterns.

School is closed Friday 9/21 for the Fall Festival. I hope you are excited to enjoy some fun games/rides, and eat lots of yummy food.

On 9/27, we will take a walking field trip to the HCPL. If you filled out the form for your child to receive a library card, I WILL HAVE THE CARD . If your child already has a card, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME IN A PLASTIC BAG WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON IT by 9/24. Sorry for the all-caps but I want everyone to be able to borrow a book that day and if your child does not have a card, he/she will not be able to.

***check the homework sight

Have a great week!