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May 31

Abortion: A Key Issue Resurfacing

By: Danny Chmaytelli

LMS (Santa Monica)

May 31, 2019

With the plethora of headlines regarding abortion in the past weeks, it can be hard to understand what is really going on. Let's begin at the basics: abortion is the medical termination of a pregnancy. Many debate over the morals of abortion, and whether it should be outlawed or allowed. The pro-life perspective believes that abortion is murder, and should thus be considered a crime. Conversely, the pro-choice perspective contends that abortion is a fundamental human right for all women.

In 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion nationally, under the landmark Roe v. Wade Ruling. Nevertheless, most states enforce restraints on abortion, mostly centered around viability. Viability is the point in a pregnancy whereby an unborn fetus could survive after being delivered. Other states prohibit abortion after 6-24 weeks of pregnancy. Finally, Missouri, Alabama, and Louisiana recently passed laws fully banning abortions, except under fatal circumstances. Such laws that ban a large majority of abortions are being challenged in federal court. Organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union hope to prevent these laws from taking effect by arguing unconstitutionality through Roe v. Wade. The issue of abortion is likely to make its way back to the Supreme Court, where it's possible that the landmark 1973 ruling could be overturned with the new 5-4 Conservative majority. Whether one is pro-life of pro-choice, the next months will be critical in dictating such a pertinent issue for all of America.

May 24


By: Sebastien Ajemian

LMS (Santa Monica)

May 24, 2019

In the United States, over 600,000 people died of cancer in 2018. There are more than 100 types of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, and lung cancer. Cancer is a collection of body cells that begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues at accelerated speeds.

There are numerous measures that could work to treat cancer. The most popular being surgery, whereby a surgeon would remove the tumor from your body. Another treatment is radiation therapy that uses high amounts of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells.

The most common cancer, skin cancer has diagnosed over 2 million people every year. Many cases could be prevented by protecting the skin from overexposure from the sun and avoiding indoor tanning.

Cancer is caused by uncontrollable growth and spread of non-normal cells and cancer is also spread by tobacco use which caused 22% of cancer deaths. The most deadly cancer is breast cancer, that killed 271,270 so far, but cancer is still the second killer on the world for disease, and there are 28 million cancer survivors worldwide.

Some research centers such as, Providence John Wayne Cancer Institute, UCLA Cancer Center, and Cedars-Sinai have helped to find and make discoveries for new treatments for cancer. So far, the number one research center is Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Texas. This center has helped millions of people.

Measles Outbreak

By: Makai King

LMS (Santa Monica)

May 24, 2019

This year, over 700 people have been sickened by measles. This tells us that this disease is still out there, even though in 2000, it was said to be eradicated in the US. In 22 of the states that had the disease, over 500 people weren’t vaccinated. Since there are so many people with measles now, in New York, people with measles can’t go in public spaces or else they’d have to pay a $2,000 fine. Also, 2 schools were closed because of it. Here in California, 343 college students have been quarantined, meaning they have to be separated from other people for a long period of time. Doctors are encouraging people to get vaccinated because they have a higher chance of not getting measles and it’s one of the most studied medical products they have.

So far, no deaths have been recorded. Even President Donald Trump said that parents should vaccinate their children. If you get a two-dose vaccine, it’s 97% effective to prevent you from getting measles. But the US in 2000 had stopped person-to-person spreading of measles. This virus lives in the nose and throat of an infected person. So, they can spread the disease through the air, through coughs and sneezes. Finally, measles are highly contagious so 90% of people can get infected if they get close to that person.

May 17

Floating Cities

By: Benjamin Click

LMS (Santa Monica)

May 17, 2019

Thanks to sea level rise, cities along the coast are in danger of flooding. As a result, scientists are trying to figure out an out of the box idea. People have been playing with the idea of a floating city. It’s name explains it all. They are building homes that float on water so that no matter how high the water gets, it won’t affect us.

A floating island is more like a bunch of small floating islands that are linked together. These building for the most part are self-sustainable. They will rise with sea level and with be able to survive hurricanes. Although the U.N thinks that this could be a good idea, they have not completely agreed to help.

Over ninety percent of the largest global cities are vulnerable to sea level rise due to global warming. By 2030, the sea level could rise up to 7 inches! That might not sound like a lot at first, but if the ocean rose up seven inches it would mean that miles and miles of new cold water would be thrown into the sea from glaciers. And sea level rise is only getting worse. If people are too stubborn to simply stop cutting down forests, stop using cars, trains, or planes, than we need a different approach. We need to figure out a way to pass time long enough until people see the actual results of global warming without completely feeling them. These floating cities may seem impossible, but they are the answer. At least for now.

The platforms that would be built would be shaped like hexagons and would all be connected. In a couple months, they will have a prototype made. The size of six hexagons is equal to the size of disneyland. They will create villages on each platform that can hold up to 300 hundred people. As people lose their homes, Oceanix will expand the land on the ocean.

Oceanix won’t state the price, but they are assuring people that it would be relatively cheap to build. U.N says that the platforms could last through category five hurricanes. Other scientists disagree. Oceanix is going to try it out more in harbors and bays. “One step at a time,” Nicholas Makris says.

Now of course, food and resources will be a problem on a floating island out in the ocean. But they are still working on everything. So it isn’t a solution, but it is a very creative way to buy us time.

Lowering the voting age

By: Danny Chmaytelli

LMS (Santa Monica)

May 17, 2019

The right to vote remains a sacred part to upholding Democracy. For many past decades, in order to vote, one must have American citizenship and be of at least 18 years of age. Now, many debate over whether lowering the voting to 16 or 17 is necessary. From one viewpoint, 16 and 17 year olds face the same responsibilities that adults have. After all, teens can work, pay taxes, drive cars, and face accountability of their actions through the criminal justice system. Many proponents of this movement contend that "when they're contributing to society or being held liable by society in these ways, they should also be able to weigh in on the future of our country and those responsible for the laws that affect them" (USA Today). This certainty has gained traction among lawmakers with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supporting bills to lower the voting age to 16. On the flip side, skeptics of this initiative argue that teens aren't mentally capable to make logical decisions yet. According to the Boston Globe, "Teens more often rely on the amygdala, the more emotional, primitive part of the brain." This is proven by the fact that teens can't be apart of the government, purchase alcohol, buy guns, join the military, etc. While this psychological theory is well-contested, it shows that possibly lowering the voting age is a long journey ahead.

May 10

The Effects of Electronic Communication

By: Makai King

LMS (Santa Monica)

May 10, 2019

Since the invention of the cell phone, the way we take photos, read articles, communicate, travel, and are entertained has significantly changed. Now, instead of parents yelling at their kids to come downstairs to eat dinner, they can just text them. Is this taking over face to face communication? Maybe the only reason this is happening is because their kid is already glued to their screen on the other end. Some people use other ways to communicate like Amazon Alexa. Also, when kids are yelled at, they don’t know if they’re in trouble or if the parent needs to say something important. People might text instead of talk because you can avoid having a really long conversation with them. Next if it’s a really deep conversation and you don’t want to talk about it face to face you can always text them instead of getting that long talk or lecture. Some people text each other when they’re sitting next to each other. Texting could help because you probably know if you say something mean you can’t take it back but with texting you can edit your words before you send it.

Now we’ve learned to do so many things independently on our devices that we don’t even have to talk to each other. Sometimes when we’re in our rooms and our parents are trying to yell something, you can’t hear them so you’d have to come out of your room just so you can say a short message. Finally, if you send something really meaningful that person knows that you’re thinking of them and they have a connection.

Uber goes public

By: Danny Chmaytelli

LMS (Santa Monica)

May 10, 2019

Ride-sharing, the concept whereby anyone could be paid to shuttle people around using their own car, has revolutionized the way people travel. Companies like Uber and Lyft have single-handedly made it easier, faster, and cheaper to get someone from point A to point B. However, with most companies that are at the forefront of innovation, losses were high. For Uber, average annual losses amounted to billions. Hence, Uber desperately needed capital to fuel their ambitions. Rather than increasing profits and/or cutting costs, Uber turned to the stock market. In exchange for ownership of a large part of their business, some of their shares would be sold for $45 each. The money gained from selling millions of their shares would amount to over $8 billion, enough to sustain the company for more than two years. Unfortunately, many traders felt that $45 was overpriced. By the end of Friday, the stock fell to $41.57, a 7% percent drop. Many experts explain the disappointment by citing the US-China trade way. After all, the past week has been the worst-performing week for the stock market for the year. It quite possibly was the worst day any company could've gone public.

May 3


By: Benjamin Click

LMS (Santa Monica)

May 3, 2019

What exactly is a black hole? Well, it is a place out in space with really strong gravity. It pulls things toward the middle of the black hole where things that go in never come out. Even light can’t escape a black hole! That is the reason that you cannot see a black hole. A black hole can often be a star that had just died.

There are three different types of black holes. A primordial is one of the smaller black holes. Primordial also stands for the beginning of time. Primordials can be as small as an atom. A second type of black hole is called a stellar. Stellars can be as big as twenty suns. The biggest types of black holes are called supermassives. They have the mass of one million suns. They are also the size of a solar system.

The smaller types of black holes were created right after the big bang. The big bang happened at the dawn of time, it created everything in the universe. Black holes can also be caused after a star dies and collapses into itself.

The only way for a scientist to know if there is a black hole anywhere in space is by looking at planets around it. A black hole will suck in planets that are living around it. This will signify a black hole.

But could a black hole ever eat earth? The answer is probably not, there is no one steering black holes. They follow the laws of gravity. They will not chase after planets.

Now the sun will never become a black hole, but even if it did the gravity would stay the same and planets like earth would keep orbiting the black hole as if it was the sun. Earth is not close enough to the sun, so that if it ever became a black hole, it wouldn’t affect earth. (Other than no light and no heat.)

AG Barr and the Mueller Investigation

By: Danny Chmaytelli

LMS (Santa Monica)

May 3, 2019

The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States and director of the Department of Justice. His/her sole purpose is to represent the public's interest through the law (CNN). In 2017, then Attorney General Jeff Sessions was tasked with investigating Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign and/or Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Instead of investigating, Sessions recused himself, meaning that he withdrew himself from the investigation because of a conflict of interest. He reasoned that he was incapable of being impartial since he was investigating his own boss. Subsequently, the investigation was passed on to special counsel Robert Mueller. His investigation lasted for two years and involved "thousands of subpoenas, and hundreds of warrants and witness interviews" (CNN).

Prior to Mueller publicly releasing his investigation's findings, newly appointed Attorney General William Barr released a letter that summarized Mueller's discoveries. He said that Robert Mueller found insufficient evidence of the Trump Campaign colluding with Russia. He also noted that it was unclear whether or not President Trump should be charged with obstruction of Justice. After the letter's release, Mueller expressed "concern about the ways in which Barr's summary document described the evidence surrounding obstructive behavior. Mueller did not make issue with any of the factual statements in Barr's four-page letter but rather the lack of nuance on obstruction -- and the resultant media coverage" (CNN). In essence, Mueller felt that the report had been somewhat misleading about obstruction of justice. If Barr was truly misleading in his summary and biased towards the president, he could be in serious legal trouble. Additionally, it has more recently arisen that William Barr lied, under oath, to Congress, a highly punishable crime. He claimed that Mueller never contacted him about his uncertainties regarding the summary.

April 26

The Pony Express

By: Makai King

LMS (Santa Monica)

April 26, 2019

The Pony Express started on April 3rd,1860 when Johnny Fry started a journey heading to California to deliver mail. It was a 2,000 mile trip across the states yet it only took ten days. Before the Pony Express, most had to travel by stagecoach on the Butterfield Overland Mail Trail. The mail took around 3 weeks to deliver. Another option was to travel it through the Isthmus of Panama and up the coast which took two to three months.

The Pony Express had 153 stations along the way. There were about 80 riders who took around 400-500 horses from the Midwest to California. At the end of the trail, you end up at the B.F. Hastings Building in Sacramento. Riders would transition to a new rider every 75 to 100 miles and stop every 10 to 15 miles to get a fresh horse. Most of the riders were small, lightweight young men who were around 20 years old. The worst part of the Pony Express was going through the desert regions. In this region, tornadoes and bison stampedes were common, but the worst obstacle was the Paiute tribe. The Paiute attacked the stations along the pony express, ultimately costing $75,000 for repairs. After 18 months, the Pony Express became obsolete after the invention of the telegram. Nevertheless, the Pony Express will forever be remembered as a means delivery across the western United States.

Chocolate Milk

By: Sebastien Ajemian

LMS (Santa Monica)

April 26, 2019

Chocolate milk is one of the most common in-house beverages especially in the United States. But how does chocolate milk affect the human body? First, it causes bones to become soft, thin, and brittle due to the vitamin D. This is detrimental as brittle bones causes bones to be more prone to breaking or shattering. Second, chocolate milk can improve eye health and vision because of the vitamin A. Last, chocolate milk also contains hydrogen and oxygen which is important to the body.

April 5


By: Benjamin Click

LMS (Santa Monica)

April 5, 2019

It is common knowledge that a certain beastly animal, the dinosaur, roamed the Earth long before humans ever did. The people who study these creatures are paleontologists. These specialists find old bones, put them together and learn about each species when it comes to what they looked like, what age they were, and even how long ago it used to live on Earth. Until a little while ago, paleontologists only searched for larger bones of older dinosaurs, usually ignoring smaller bones, because of this, there are not many baby dinosaur bones that have been discovered. But now that paleontologists are looking for any type of bones possible, there are discovering a good amount of baby dinosaur bones. The dinosaur, Gobi Raptor Minutus, is a signal example. This species was just discovered a few days ago in Mongolia.

Just from examining the bones, paleontologists can gather a flurry of information from this particular dinosaur, including information about their head, arms, hips, legs, feet, and tail. The dinosaur bones discovered in Mongolia had small feet, a large mouth, and no teeth.

On the other hand, discerning a certain dinosaur’s age is more complex. Paleontologists examine a bone, under a microscope and count the rings on the bone, similar to what you would do with a tree. The amount of rings on the bone corresponds to the dinosaur’s age. Unfortunately, finding baby bones does not completely help when it comes to trying to find out what an adult Gobi Raptor Minutus would look like. But the search continues today, and chances are there will be a discovery soon.

Beto O'Rourke

By: Danny Chmaytelli

LMS (Santa Monica)

April 5, 2019

Out of the vast amount of 2020 presidential candidates all eyeing The White House, one person, Democrat Beto O’Rourke, has seemed to stand out. He gained national headlines after nearly unseating a senior Republican senator in the state of Texas, Ted Cruz. He clearly has something unique that resonates well with American voters, proved by the fact that he has raised the most out of all of the other candidates in the first day of his candidacy, $6 million to be exact. One fundamental element of his campaign is his embodiment of a regular American. Rather than holding a massive rally with thousands of potential supporters, he campaigns in a local coffee shop after arriving unannounced. He chooses to make several of these, driving a dirty van himself for three days. He calls for “renewed kindness and decency in the country; an insistence that Americans need to heal the way people of all political views and backgrounds interact with one another” (BBC). Additionally, he is often regarded as a pragmatist, calling for compromise and bipartisanship among policymakers. An excellent example of his compromise is his stance on gun control. He believes that if one party fully gets their way, it will not benefit the country. Thus, he proposes “Universal background checks and a ban on new sales of assault-style rifles, allowing current owners to keep their firearms” (BBC). Although he currently has a lot going for him, it’s still a long way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. After all, he is challenging experience Democrats Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and later, possibly Joe Biden.

March 29


By: Sebastien Ajemian

LMS (Santa Monica)

March 29, 2019

The first automobile in California appeared in 1897. It was in a shop on Fifth Street in L.A., by San Diego. Sturgis for J. Philip Erie. Erie became the first to drive an automobile on L.A. roads. The first car was a wagon/horse-wagon made of wood and steel or four-cylinder, gasoline-powered carriage. Then Various types of energy sources were employed by early automobiles including steam, electric, and gasoline. The automobile was changed because people did not like how slow it was, how it looked, and how long it was. Because the cars were too big, it created a lot of traffic and there was no room to drive, so people put a stop to it. People complained and complained until the automobile was changed into a metal automobile. Before, it was a horseless carriage that was not fast. The automobile industry is wide, huge, and a big place where companies manufacture automobiles. It is a vast place where they color, make, build, design, advertise, develop, and sell automobiles. When they color they use airbrushes and paint the automobiles with strong paint. The first automobile in California were hand made, but now they use high-tech technology to make an automobile. They build automobiles by using metal steel and carbon dioxide. They design by using all types of paint and they take a coat of thin paint and cover the automobile. When they advertise, they film the car and then they make it into a commercial. They develop the automobile by sketching it on paper first. The automobile is important because it takes people places, but in California it’s a lot more. To Californians, it’s a lot because we don't have many trolleys and trains all we have are automobiles. Without automobiles how will we go to work? When the automobile changed it helped a lot because it went faster from one place to the next.

March 15

The Titanic

By: Makai King

LMS (Santa Monica)

March 15, 2019

We all know that the Titanic sunk because it hit an iceberg and it flooded. But was there other causes that contributed to this tragedy? First some people think that speed was a factor. When the crash into the iceberg occured the Titanic was traveling at 25 miles per hour. Robert Essenhigh suggested that efforts to control a fire in one of the ship's coal bunkers could have explained the Titanic's speed. Another reason is that the iceberg warning was ignored. The Californian had been stopped by a dense ice field and sent the Titanic a warning but it didn’t have the the 3 letter code MSG. So, the captain probably thought it wasn’t important so, he didn’t tell the crew. In 2010 Louise Patten said that one of the ship’s crew members panicked after hearing “hard-a-starboard” in order to avoid the iceberg. But instead of taking a sharp right turn they turned directly towards the iceberg.

David Blair held the key to the storage room where the binoculars were and he was transferred off the ship but he forgot to give the key to the officer who replaced him. If the crew had the binoculars they probably would have avoided the tragedy. Finally, the ship only had 20 lifeboats which only could carry 1,178 people. Since chaos broke out the lifeboats weren’t used to their full capacity. When the lifeboats departed there were 400 empty seats. More than 1,500 people were left to perish in the ocean. I wonder what could’ve happened if they would’ve avoided this tragedy.

March 8

The Two Koreas

North Korea has received much media attention for the recent peace talks between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Korea Kim Jong Un. The negotiations centered on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the lifting of US sanctions on the North Korean economy. Although the summit proved do be an unfruitful effort, it’s important to look back into the history of Korea to further understand the situation.

For context, Korea was apart of the Japanese empire during WWII. When Japan surrendered, Korea was divided along an imaginary line called the 38th parallel. Russia would occupy the area north of the 38th parallel and the United States would occupy the area south of the 38th parallel. Conflicts along the 38th parallel were prevalent, resulting in 10,000 military deaths before the war.

In June 1950, 75,000 North Korean soldiers crossed the 38th parallel and began to invade South Korea. At first, the war wasn’t going too well for the South. The North Korean Army was well-prepared and pushed South Korea further from the 38th parallel. This war was seen as a communist effort to conquer the world. It was paramount to American officials to contain “Communist Expansionism.”

In July, US forces entered the peninsula in support of South Korea. Seeing the eventual defeat of the South, the United States completely altered its strategy and drove the North Korean army out of South Korea.

As time progressed, the US squeezed the North Koreans further from the 38th parallel and closer to the Chinese border. China’s communist dictator, Mao Zedong, grew worried about the US invading China through the North Korean border. To deter any possible threat, China sent troops to North Korea and threatened to go to war with the US. To prevent a catastrophic conflict that would result in millions of deaths, President Truman began peace talks with North Korea. Two years later, an armistice was signed that would reinstate a new border near the 38th parallel.

The Korean War resulted in millions of civilian and military deaths. In total, more than

Two-and-a-half million South Korean civilians perished and 40,000 American soldiers lost their lives. Although peace has been maintained through an armistice, the two Koreas are technically still at war. Many wish that an improved relationship between North and South Korea could result in a peace treaty being signed which would formally end the Korean War.

March 1

The Ying and Yang of Basketball

By: Makai King

LMS (Santa Monica)

March 1, 2019

On a normal day in 1891, a physical education coach invented the sport of what we now know is called basketball. He made the game by tacking peach baskets to either side of the gym wall and using an old soccer ball for the basketball. The game became more popular over the next 50 years and grown into a professional sport. Back then they was only the “big man” that dominated the sport because they were so tall that they could easily score. Some critics said that the sport was too boring and that they would stop watching it. So, that’s when the ABA (American Basketball Association). They adopted the 3-point shot which at the time let other smaller players in other positions be included. Also, the game of basketball became played more above the rim and there were more entertaining dunks and players. Such as Julius Erving or Dr. J. This was the savior of basketball and when the NBA and ABA merged to form the NBA the three point shot was incorporated into the game.

Eventually when it became the 1980’s the Boston LA rivalry returned with superstars like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Throughout the decade it was either the Celtics or the Lakers in each of the Finals series. That was the beginning of the modern NBA and after the 80’s it brought Michael Jordan and the Bulls in the 90’s, Kobe and Shaquille O’ Neal, Duncan and the spurs in the 2000’s, and all the way up to the superstars with Stephen Curry, Lebron James, and people from out of the country like Giannis Antetokounmpo. The NBA keeps evolving ever since the day in 1891.

The Fyre Festival

The Fyre Festival wan an event that was advertised as a beautiful event with delicious food that many models and other celebrities were invited to. The realistic turn out was not like any of the advertisements. There were white tents set up for sleeping, horrible weather, and cheese sandwiches for meals. The event was not elegant and was a lie. If you are interested in the festival go to

February 22

Changes in Apple

By: Danny Chmaytelli

LMS (Santa Monica)

February 22, 2019

Recently, Angela Ahrendts, the head of Apple’s retail operations, has resigned from her position. For most, this would seem as a trivial news development. However, Angela Ahrendts had a profound effect on Apple’s business model and her resignation could have a large effect on any new Apple products.

In October 2013, Angela was brought into modernize Apple’s retail and to establish Apple as a premium brand, and she attempted that many times. Firstly, she introduced the Apple watch line. Although the mainstream products had fair prices, some Apple watches retailed for more than ten-thousand dollars. Additionally, Apple has put emphasis on its iPad Pro line, which start at $800 while competing products go for as little as $50. Then there’s the $150 Apple TV compared with the $25 Roku stick. Then most significantly, the iPhone. The price of the outspoken Apple product has steadily increased since Ahrendts joined. The first iPhone launched for $500. Today, the cheapest model starts at $750 and can go all the way to $1450.

Generally, these unprecedented increases in price would cause their market share to decrease. However, Apple is in a special situation. Apple products have a “coolness” factor to them. So, consumers are willing to pay top-dollar to make a social statement. It’s almost like having an expensive Rolex or wearing a nice suit. But when will the price become too much?

Angela’s replacement could possibly transform Apple back to its original brand by lowering the prices. Or will her replacement further increase the prices of the esteemed products. The next couple of months can shape Apple’s future for a very long time.

Ozone Layer

By: Ben Click

LMS (Santa Monica)

February 22, 2019

You may not be able to see it, but about 6 miles above us is a type of wall, called an ozone layer. It is the reason that things are living and growing of this earth. They protect the earth’s land from burning. If there wasn’t an ozone layer, things would begin to die and people will get sun cancer. In the 1990’s one-tenth of the earth’s ozone layer was gone. This year, above Antarctica, there is a 9.6 million square mile hole in the ozone layer. That is almost the size of the U.S., just three times bigger. The ozone layer is made of tons of chemicals and it lies in the sky as a shield protecting us from the sun’s rays.

Luckily, countries are listening to this problem and they are taking charge. People are making laws to help restore the ozone layer. One big ozone hole is right above the Northern Hemisphere. But if people are able to keep up the improvements that are happening to the ozone layer than this hole will be filled in about ten to twenty years. Another hole is the one above Antarctica. It should disappear in about forty to fifty years, as well as the one above the Southern Hemisphere.

The ozone layer was being destroyed because of a chemical called chlorofluorocarbon. (Try saying that three times fast!) It is a man made chemical and the chemical is made of chlorine and bromine. Both were commonly used about thirty years ago in the 1990s. Certain companies agreed to stop using chlorofluorocarbon and since 2000, the ozone layer has slowly been returning.

Even though the ozone layer is just beginning to return, we will not be able to tell if our efforts were successful until 2060.

February 15

Space Weather threatens Earth’s high-tech life

By: Makai King

LMS (Santa Monica)

February 15, 2019

At 4:00 am on a normal September morning in 1859 the sky above Colorado flashed in bright red and green colors. What happened is now called a space storm which happens very rarely. When it happened the telegraph systems went haywire and large sparks started making tiny fires. Our electronics today would take 4-10 years to repair and we’d be like people living in the 1800’s. Space storms are caused by huge explosions on the surface of the sun called coronal mass ejections. About 1 in every 20 of them head in the direction that intersects in Earth’s orbit. 3 days later our planet’s magnetic field is disrupted. A space storm is usually 2-3 days until it’s done and a really bad storm can damage power grids and networks worldwide.

The only way to prepare and protect ourselves is to change the power grids. Today, the power grids are cast webs of wires that span through continents. To fix this we have to split them into smaller parts each serving a town, neighborhood, or a individual house. If a storm hits we can dismantle them so they don’t get damaged. If a space storm happens to start we will probably know 3 days before it actually hits Earth. The best thing to do is to make “microgrids” to make sure none of our high-tech gets damaged.

Pacific Garbage Patch

By: Sebastien Ajemian

LMS (Santa Monica)

February 15, 2019

The pacific Garbage Patch is growing bigger by the year, right now it is 600,000 square miles which is twice the size of texas. About 95% of trash in the ocean is plastic. The garbage patch includes about 1.8 trillion pieces and weighs 88,000 tons — that equals about 500 jumbo jets. If a wild bird comes and thinks a plastic bag is a fish it might swoop down and get stuck and drown. This garbage patch was found in 1990 and has been growing since, about 100,000 sea animals die from this garbage a year. This garbage patch keeps on growing because after it rains all of the leftover trash in the city goes to the beaches and gets swept away into the ocean by the current. Most soda nets to hold soda bottles can also get a turtle stuck. One way people are helping is that they are setting up nets around the garbage patch to keep it in. Floating at the surface of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 180x more plastic than marine life. Animals migrating through or inhabiting this area are then likely consuming plastic in the patch which will kill them. Fishing nets account for 46% of the mass and they can be dangerous for animals who swim or collide into them and cannot extract themselves from the net. Interaction with these discarded nets, also known as ghost nets, ghost nets are nets that people forgot about and often results in the death of the marine life.

February 8

Childhood Obesity in America

By: Danny Chmaytelli

LMS (Santa Monica)

February 8, 2019

Childhood obesity is a serious health risk that can have various ramifications. Unfortunately, obesity among adolescents is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the United States. Many experts now consider obesity a national epidemic. To put it into perspective, Stanford Children’s Health says, “Physical inactivity and poor diet are catching up to tobacco as a significant threat to health.” Nowadays, 20% of children in the United States are either overweight or obese.

While some children may be more susceptible to obesity because of unchangeable circumstances, it really all comes down to the choices you make. Consuming foods that are high in sugar and fat content can cause weight gain. This sole factor accounts for most of the obesity. Unhealthy food corporations have one goal: to make money. And in order to do that, more people have to buy their products. So, they add sugar which is eight times more addictive than cocaine; causing consumers to repeatedly buy the junk food corporation’s products. Therefore, as you buy more of their products, the more weight you are going to gain. Additionally, being physically inactive can also cause weight gain. Instead of sitting down and watching tv, take a walk down to the park with your friends. Especially with children, it can make a huge difference.

There are a multitude of detrimental effects resulting from obesity. However, the social effect on children suffering from obesity is arguably the most adverse. Obese children are often tormented as they don’t conform to the culturally accepted definition of attractiveness. Sometimes obese children are even the victims of bias and discrimination as they are assumed to indolent and/or pusillanimous. Other obvious health effects include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, sleep apnea, cancer, and metabolic syndrome.

By this point, you may be asking, “If this is so horrible, why doesn’t the government just prevent it?” That’s a great point, yet the government does the exact opposite. The government has provided 8.1 billion dollars in subsidies to corn sweetener (added sugar) providers. Whenever a bill sparks up that would regulate the junk food industry, politicians (who will be paid off by these corporations) create controversy about whether the government intervenes too much and thereby preventing these bills from passing. Thus, quite possibly the easiest way to combat obesity is in the voting booth. Vote out the politicians who are puppets of the unhealthy food industry, and vote in the ones who will fight for the health of the American people.


By: Ben Click

LMS (Santa Monica)

February 8, 2019

What makes up a civilization? There were only seven characteristics of a civilization. A stable food supply, a social structure, government, religion, art, technology, and writing. One of these, religion, is still a debate if it is really necessary in a civilization. But aside from that, why do you think all these characteristics are really necessary?

A stable food supply is necessary because, well people need food and without food, no one is able to live, which makes it quite essential. Without food, there is no one to have any characteristics at all.

A important characteristic to have is a social structure. It is needed because without a social structure, anyone can do anything and that can get out of hand. It could create chaos which could be very dangerous. It also helps unite everyone. One of the reason there's ever a war is because people cannot unite together.

The third characteristic of a civilization is government. Government is a part of social structure. The government is made up of someone who is supposed to lead others, and another group of people who help this person lead. The government has a very important role of making sure that everything is as it is supposed to be.

Another characteristic is religion. Now some people say it isn’t a characteristic, but other people think it is because if they have a religion then they have something to believe in. Sometime, belief is all I person needs. Religion is also wanted because it helps make unone things reasonable. At least in a way.

Art is the next characteristic we are going to talk about. Art is needed because of its ability to shows a person's feelings. Sometimes you just can’t explain what is going on inside your head, that drawing and creating is a great way to express all those feelings. And what is a life without feelings? Without art, we would still be picking berries for survival.

After art we have technology. Technology shows an enhancement from one thing to another. It shows that people are able to see that one thing doesn’t work and that it might need changing. It proves that people are able to improve when they fail. And without it, government couldn’t have been made, art couldn’t have been made and neither could writing have been made.

Which brings us to our last characteristic of a civilization, a language. Without a language, most of these characteristics would have been impossible. For people would have no way to fully understand one another. The only way that a person would be able to really express themselves was through art.

And so now you know all the characteristics of the civilization that makes up your city, country, and world.

February 1

LAUSD Teacher Strike

On January 14, in Los Angeles teachers went on strike and it happened because teachers wanted to get paid more, get more school funds, and have more staff like nurses, special ed teachers, custodians, cooks, and substitute teachers. The strike lasted nine whole days, and at least 30,000 teachers were on strike and 900 schools were affected. Teachers have be asking for this stuff since 1989 which was 30 years ago. Teachers asked for a 6.5% raise; they got 6%. But L.A. Unified also promised at least some level of class-size reduction, said it will hire 300 nurses and 82 teacher-librarians for all the schools in total. Also they are giving 11 million dollars to k-12, community colleges and local government bodies. That will bring in to primary and secondary schools in Los Angeles, which is estimated $1.375 billion each year. Oakland Unified which is a city in california, where teachers went on a one day strike on Jan. 18 because They want smaller classes, fewer charters and wages.

A teacher named Bautista was part of this strike. He teaches English and history five days a week at a oakland school and works 15 hours every weekend at a Starbucks in Fremont, California. During Saturdays and Sundays, he corrects papers and plans lessons. Some other Los Angeles teachers have second jobs too because they also don’t make that much money teaching so that's why they are on strike. Some counselors have to watch over 700 to a little under 900 students a day with no break and they aren't getting paid enough money. This is not just a Los Angeles problem, it is a national.

Rams vs Patriots

It all started back in 2002 when the Rams had the “Greatest Show on Turf” with superstars like Kurt Warner who came out of a grocery store to become a NFL Hall of Famer, Marshall Faulk who in his first game at San Diego State scored 7 touchdowns, and Isacc Bruce an electrifying wide receiver. They already won a super bowl in 1999 and people said they were the next dynasty. That year they faced an unlikely opponent: the New England Patriots. The St. Louis Rams were favored heavily over the underdog Patriots, it was like they had already won. But when the game began the Patriots seemed like a different team that everyone thought they were. The Rams weren’t showing the same offense they showed in the regular season or in 1999 and that the Patriots were showed that they were there to prove the doubters wrong. Eventually it was tied 17-17 and the Patriots had a choice to either take the game to overtime or to drive down the field to get the last second win. Well that choice was a no-brainer they were going to drive down the field because if it went into overtime they wouldn’t have a chance against the Rams powerful offense. They drove the ball down the field to Rams territory and Adam Vinatieri made a 41-yard field goal to win the game. In my opinion, I think a lot of people would’ve wanted the Rams to win. So I think this year the Rams would want some sweet revenge.

This year the Rams have yet another entertaining team with Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Cooper Kupp, and Brandin Cooks. Also, on defense they have Aaron Donald, Aqib Talib, and Marcus Peters. Their record this year was 13-3 making them the number 2 seed in the NFC playoff picture. In the divisional round they beat the Dallas Cowboys and in the NFC championship they barely beat the New Orleans Saints 26-23. This was a big year for them because they hadn’t made to the super bowl as the Los Angeles Rams since 1979. So, we will see the results on Super Bowl Sunday, Rams vs Patriots!

December 7

French Rioting

The “Yellow vests” have been rioting against the French President Macron with great severity for a few weeks now, but as the days go on people are becoming more hateful. Could this be another one of the many French Revolutions. Hundreds lay injured and thousands of dollars worth of property have been harmed.

The reason for this outbreak is the new taxes Macron has put into place, making gas quite a lot more expensive. Additionally, Macron has been cutting back on social welfare progams, which hurts the working force. Furthermore, Macron has been making it a lot easier to hire and fire people.

Up until this point France’s economy has been slowly rising and with this new “pro-business” idea many people are unsure what will occur. Recently, Prime Minister Philippe has decided to suspend the tax on fuel. PM Philippe also added that he would suspend other taxes on electricity and gas for six months to decide what to do. However, Macron still persists saying that these harsh taxes are for global warming. Macron’s second reasoning for the taxes is that France needs more money because as of the moment they’re budget is not standard.

Macron’s was elected because people were under the impression he was going to help the poor and help the economy, but this idea has not shown. Many people are calling him a “president for the rich” and clearly are having doubts about their president. For now these riots have stopped, but in the future they could pose a threat to the government.


Have you ever had a cat? Have you ever noticed how they spend a lot of time licking themselves? Well, they do it for multiple reasons. The first and the most known reason why cats lick themselves is because it helps clean their fur. The material of a cat’s tongue is unique and is very good at getting through thicker fur. What helps it get deep in the cat’s fur are the tiny hooks that spring up on the tongue. Scientists used to think that cats tongues were covered in tiny cone-shaped bumps. Bobcats, cougars, cats, snow leopards, tigers, and lions have this interesting technique.

Another reason that cats lick themselves is because it cools them down. Like our sweat, the saliva on a cat’s tongue, keeps them cool. Because of a cat’s amazing tongue, people have thought that the saliva that comes off it might be able to help us. People think that it could be helpful with applying fluids, carpet cleaning, or apply medicine to hair skin.

November 30


For a very long time, people have been trying to figure out where water came from and how it got on earth. Scientists have had a few ideas of how it got here, but they don’t know for sure. One idea that has been around for a little while is that water came from comets that were like dusty snowballs. The other idea is that it came from asteroids. But lately, scientists have discovered another idea. The third source is called solar nebula. As you may know, solar has to do with the sun. And nebulas are clouds of dust and gas. Nebulas were made when the sun was just born. They are kind of like pieces of the sun’s gases that were never used. Most of the gases in solar nebulas are hydrogen, and when they joined with a oxygen they make a water molecule. And so when a asteroid or solar nebula falls to earth, one of the gases in it, is able to mix with another gas called oxygen, that is all around the world, and together they create water molecules.

Earth is made up of a bunch of asteroids that at one time was colliding with one another and earth was just one of those asteroids and so people think that when earth was just being created, certain asteroids containing Deuterium and Hydrogen came and collided with this planet and when the hydrogen and oxygen met, they made the water we drink today.

The Effects of Immigrants on the United States

The United States of America has the largest economy in the world (Desjardins). This is mainly because the United States has the largest immigrant population in the world. Immigrants have benefited the United States by causing enormous amounts of innovation, increasing economic productivity, and significantly enhancing the social services that the government provides.

One of the many benefits of having immigrants in the United States is the enormous amount of innovation they contribute. First off, a study has shown that fields of work entered by immigrants experience a 30% increase in patent filings (a government-issued document that gives a person/group exclusive right to a product, method, design, etc. for a long period of time) (Seamans). In addition, more than 50% of the United States companies that are valued over $1 billion were founded by an immigrant. The theory behind this is that immigrants, with new sets of theories, methods, and ideas, inspire U.S.-born inventors to use this new information on their own work (Mansur). For example, all of the following people are immigrants and/or children of immigrants who have founded innovative companies, Elon Musk - CEO of Tesla, Sundar Pichai - CEO of Google, Jeff Bezos - CEO of Amazon, and most notably, Steve Jobs - co-founder of Apple (Mansur).

Another one of the benefits of having immigrants in the United States is their level of economic productivity. Firstly, immigrants are responsible for 15% of the economic output while they only make up 13% of the population (Mansur). This means that immigrants contribute over 15% more than a U.S. born citizen does towards the economy. Additionally, a whopping 40% of fortune 500 companies (a list in which the 500 most profitable United States companies are shown) were founded either by immigrants and/or children of immigrants (Davies). Also, the top nine of the fortune 500 companies founded by an immigrant and/or children of immigrant(s), altogether, create nearly a million jobs and are worth almost $3 trillion (Davies). Immigrants also own 20% of the small businesses in the United States, these small businesses alone employ over 10 million people (Davies). Clearly, these figures show that not only do immigrants create jobs, they generate money.

A third benefit of having immigrants in the United States is how they positively affect social services. For reference, social services are services paid for by the government with a goal of benefiting the citizens. First, immigrants contribute more in taxes than they receive in social services by the government. Specifically, in 2002-2009, immigrants paid the government $115 billion more than they received through Medicare (a social service that is mainly designed to insure seniors) (Mansur). So, in simpler terms, immigrants contributed $115 billion to the government for social services. Thus, the government is able to spend more on socials services which directly benefits the natives. Secondly, as people grow older and older, they require more in social services which means they require more government funds. This is usually offset by the younger populations’ entrance into the workforce as they pay high taxes and receive relatively small benefits from social services. However, with lower fertility rates in the United States, the government social services budget would simply deplete, resulting in less and not-as-substantial social services the population receives. With immigrants, however, they are able to singlehandedly offset the population with younger people. This is because immigrants usually have higher fertility rates in their home country compared to the United States (Mansur). This results in social services being adequately financed–directly benefiting the United States.

Immigrants are evidently beneficial to the United States. They cause innovation because they introduce new methods and ideas. They induce economic productivity by generating a substantial amount of economic output and by creating an astounding amount of jobs. And last, they directly benefit the natives by improving social services.

November 19

Charles Babbage

By: Ben Click

LMS (Santa Monica)

November 15, 2018

Charles Babbage was born in London 1791. He grew up in Newington and for a little while went to King Edward VI Grammar School in Totnes until he was pulled out because of a flu. From then he spent a lot of time being home schooled. He was also tutored a lot of his child life. He had taught himself some of contemporary mathematics. In 1816, he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society. He worked and worked on mathematical tables.

As a grown-up, he created the first computer. The computer wasn’t like the ones you have at home. Internet was not a thing and computers were giant. To create the computer, cost a lot of money that Charles Babbage could not afford so for over 10 years, the government funded him but after 10 years they stop believing in him and stopped helping him pay. This had him stop and he was not able to create a more advanced computer.

Charles Babbage had married in the year 1814 Babbage lived and worked for over 40 years at 1 Dorset Street, Marylebone, where he died, at the age of 79, on 18 October 1871. Weirdly, people took out his brain and put it in a science museum. He was a very important man because of his amazing creation of the computer that is now used by so many people around the world.

Evolution Of Feminism

By: Lexi Marcus

LMS (Santa Monica)

November 15, 2018

The feminist movement is about more than just bra-burning rallies. Nowadays, you can’t turn on the television without hearing phrases like “social reform,” “gender equality,” or “women’s empowerment.” It’s important to realize that women have faced issues of inequality for much of recorded history. Two of the many issues that have been constant in the evolving feminist movement are women’s inclusion in the voting process and equality in the workplace.

The Women’s Vote

In 1848 many women from around the country joined as one to fight for the female vote. Three years later, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, two well known feminists, became the courageous leaders of the decades to win the right to vote and seventy-two years later, the women’s suffrage movement. It took activists and reformers many decades for the nineteenth amendment to be granted. The hard work from the women who put forth that important effort has paid off for the current generation. In fact, the female vote had become incredibly powerful as over half of the votes in the United States were cast by women in 2016.

Equality in the Workplace

For a long time in the United States, it was not common for women to be a factor in the workforce. While women have always performed import work in the household, the social norms of the time and incorrect stereotypes about women prevented them from pursuing professional careers. It wasn’t until World War II that this began to change as women were needed to replace men in factories after they went off to fight. But changes for women who work have been filled with struggles. In fact, even today women are expressing frustration that they are more likely to get passed over for a promotion because of their gender. Many women also claim that they will not get paid as much as men for doing the same job. For example, in 2016, Business Insider reported that female specialty physicians are making eighty-two thousand dollars less per year than male specialty physicians. Another major problem in our society is that women are facing harassment in the workplace from their male bosses or colleagues. In this situation, women are made to feel uncomfortable and sometimes their jobs are threatened. However, women are fighting Physicians salary by gender

back in many ways including the #metoo movement which has made headlines this year.

It is clear that two of the many issues that have been constant in the evolving feminist movement are women’s inclusion in the voting process and equality in the workplace.

Women have been facing many discrimination problems for many years. It took over seventy years of fighting for women to earn the right to vote and inequality in the workplace is still going on today. Thankfully, women have been fighting back to end inequality and are prepared to continue to fight as long as it takes.

November 12


For the past few weeks there have been attacks on the Jewish and Muslim people and their “sacred” places. An effect of these attacks include unity and kindness. Last weekend many Muslims formed a wall around six synagogues and Jewish and Christians did the same for mosques. These “rings” have been occuring because of the remembrance of the shooting in Pittsburgh the previous year and the recent attacks. According to CNN a woman named Sajan said, “It’s not just up to the Jewish community to solve Anti-Semitism”. Another muslim, Dr. Hamid Slimi, and others went to more synagogues. If you were wondering Anti-Semitism hasn’t just begun it has been here for millenia. In the early times of Judaism a pharaoh allegedly locked up all of the Jewish community. The most dramatic showing of Anti-Semitism showed in World War II with Nazi Germany killing a total of 6.1 million Jewish people. Over the past years people have talked about how it was so “catastrophic” and “evil”, so with recent events some are becoming quite worrisome. The reason this topic has been chosen is because of the eighth grader’s trip to Barnum hall to see a play on Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a German girl who escaped Germany to the Netherlands because her family was Jewish and her diary tells the tale of her life. The meaning of this article was to warn readers of the fact that history can repeat itself.


This past month was harsh for shareholders across the world. Stock prices drastically decreased in mid to late October all the way from Hong Kong to New York. Unfortunately for the United States, the NASDAQ, a U.S. technology firm average, took a significant amount of the damage. Investors fled from prominent NASDAQ stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix. This, in turn, led the NASDAQ to decrease by a whole 9% in October, the largest monthly drop since the great recession in November of 2008. In addition, other significant U.S. stock averages also significantly fell in October. The S&P 500 decreased by approximately 7%; this hasn’t happened since the September of 2011. The Dow Jones decreased by 5% which hasn’t happened since January 2016. To put this into perspective, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, lost $14 billion in personal wealth on a single day in late October.

This recent economic downturn has been largely referred to as an economic correction, a decline of ten percent of greater compared to its most recent peak. The U.S. economy has recently been experiencing a particularly large amount of economic growth. Investors fear that the economy has reached a peak for the time being and is finally being restored to a normal amount of growth hence “correction”.

Some other reasons for this economic correction include the escalating trade war with China (which we hope to die down). Recently, the U.S. and China have imposed tariffs on each other in an attempt to create American jobs. Investors are worried that this trade war will infringe on the prosperity of the shares they hold. The economic correction could also be a result of higher interest rates. The federal government imposed higher interest rates that affect everything from rent to loans you take from banks. Investors saw this to have a possibility to stifle the economic growth.

November 5

The Effects of Immigrants on their Adopted Countries

By: Danny Chmaytelli

LMS ASB (Santa Monica

November 5, 2018

Did you know that the United States has the largest economy in the world? This is mainly because the United States has the largest immigrant population in the world. Further, immigrants cause enormous amounts of innovation, increase economic productivity, and significantly benefit the social services that the natives receive.

One of the many benefits of having immigrants in developed nations is the enormous amount of innovation they contribute. A study has shown that fields of work entered by immigrants experience a 30% increase in patent filings (a government-issued document that gives a person/group exclusive right to a product, method, design, etc). In addition, more than 50% of the United States companies that are valued over $1 billion were founded by an immigrant. The theory behind this is that immigrants, with new sets of theories, methods, and ideas, inspire native born inventors to use this new information on their own work. For an example of immigrants or children of immigrants who have founded innovative companies, Elon Musk - CEO of Tesla, Sundar Pichai - CEO of Google, Jeff Bezos - CEO of Amazon, and most notably, Steve Jobs - co-founder of Apple (he made the first iPhone, if that’s not innovative, nothing is). .

Another one of the benefits of having immigrants in developed nations is their level of economic productivity. Immigrants are responsible for 15% of the economic output while they only make up 13% of the population in the United States! This mean immigrants contribute over 13% more than the natives do towards the economy. To add on, a whopping 40% of fortune 500 companies (a list in which the 500 most profitable United States companies are shown) were founded either by immigrants or children of immigrants. The top nine of the fortune 500 companies founded by an immigrant of children of immigrants, altogether, create nearly a million jobs and are worth almost $3 trillion. On the other hand, immigrants own 20% of the small businesses in the United States, these small businesses alone employ over 10 million people. Clearly, not only do immigrants create jobs, they generate money.

A third benefit of having immigrants in developed nations is how they positively affect the social services the natives receive. For reference, social services are services paid for by the government with a goal of benefiting the community. Immigrants contribute more in taxes than they receive in social services by the government. Specifically, in 2002-2009, immigrants paid the government $115 billion more than they received through Medicare (a social service that is mainly designed to insure seniors). So, in simpler terms, immigrants contributed $115 billion towards the government for social services. Thus, the government is able to spend more on socials services which directly benefits the natives. Secondly, as populations grow older and older, they require more in social services which means they require more government finds. This is usually offset by the younger populations’ entrance into the workforce as they pay high taxes and receive relatively meager social services. However, with lower fertility rates in developed parts in the world, the government social services budget would simply deplete, resulting in less and not-as-substantial social services the population receives. With immigrants however, they are able to singlehandedly offset the population with younger people. This is because immigrants usually have higher fertility rates in their home country compared to their adopted country. This results in social services being adequately financed.

In conclusion, immigrants are blatantly beneficial to their adopted countries. They cause innovation because they introduce new methods and ideas. They cause economic productivity by generating a significant amount of economic output and by creating a phenomenal amount of jobs. And last, they directly benefit the natives by improving the social service they receive as immigrants pay for more than they receive.

Modern Immigrants in Germany

By: Alex Owens

LMS ASB (Santa Monica)

November 5,2018

In 2015, Germany was expecting a total of 800,000 refugees to flood into the country, but received more than a million. Within the past few years, more and more people are immigrating. This can be causing people to feel aggravated and may cause countries such as Germany to become fragile. There are people in Germany who are trying to stop it using violence, people who are trying to stop it peacefully, and people who are letting it continue.

Seventy-one immigrants were found in a locked truck in Austria dead. Neo-Nazis were attacking the police outside a shelter in Dresden. Although, the Neo-Nazis are attacking them according to The German Constitution these immigrants are to be allowed to live in Germany. Angela Merkel, The Prime Minister of Germany:, however, seems to be okay with the idea of so many immigrants stating, “Human dignity shall be inviolable.”

National geographic states “With the worst history of xenophobia, Germany has taken in the most refugees of any European country. The stakes of the experiment are high.” In other words, the track record of immigrants in Germany has not been positive, so it is quite a precarious situation to have so many immigrants in the country again. Considering this statement we can determine that there could be a breaking point for the Germans and it might be World War II all over again.

Although the Germans are allowing a large mass of immigrants into their country, many others are not following their lead. “The European Union is in a very, very fragile state,”Michael Roth, Germany’s state minister stated.

One of the reasons for this could be that Germany is allowing the majority of the immigrants into their country whilst the others are timid. This shows in a graph made by BBC showing that in 2017 Germany has had about 275,000 more successful asylum applications than France. This shows the magnitude of the situation because France is the second highest country in the EU in successful immigrants.

In conclusion, the immigration problem is becoming more and more evident as time goes on and it is revealing those who are extremists and those who protect them. Immigration may cause Germany to become more fragile and could collapse. The question is, will immigration continue, or will it be stopped?

October 30

Guess Who??

By: Ben Click

ASB Lincoln Middle School (Santa Monica)

October 26,2018

In the late 19th century, a creative guy was born. This boy grew up in Belfast Ireland with a sister and an older brother. His father was the priest of a church in Ireland and his grandfather was a Bishop. When he was seven he loved to illustrate anthropomorphic animals. He loved to read and had a private tutor till the age of 9. He became more interested in mythology. He graduated from Oxford University in the early 20th century. Not long after he was shipped to fight in the first world war.

In war he met with another person who he worked with in training and they became close and after a while they decided to make a mutual pact. Which means that if one died the other would take care of his friend’s family. And during the war, the man’s friend died so when the war was over, the man lived with his friends family. As for the man's parents, his mother had died and the father did not see him. The man became very close with his friends sister. She was 24 years older than him and was like his mother. The man lived with this family for many years and after a long time became an author. In his 50s, World War II broke out, but he didn’t go back to war. He began to write and in the years that he spent writing, he met J. R. R. Tolkien and they became close friends. In 1961, he began to suffer from nephritis. A sickness in your kidney. 2 years later he had fully recovered and was fine. Later that year he grew ill and had a heart attack. When he had recovered enough, he was sent home and very soon after died in his bedroom 55 minutes before John F. Kennedy died.

What is his name?


By: Alexander Owens

ASB Lincoln Middle School (Santa Monica)

October 26,2018

Once there was a dog named Baxter who didn’t appreciate his imperious owner. He believed that his owner was a person that was made of malice, but put on a placid face. He had never envisioned that his life would turn out so. He was allowed no treats and couldn’t relieve himself when he wanted to. This was an outrage, so he was going to teach this person a lesson and leave for a while. At that moment he peered through the window and saw a street cat who had no home and was as skinny as a pencil. He realized his life wasn’t that bad, his owner had quite a suave house and Baxrer had a peaceful life. Most of his owner’s actions were benign and not purposeful. When his owner came home Baxter felt very guilty for ever even contemplating the idea of running away. His owner gave him his food and this time he actually appreciated it. After a long day of thinking, Baxter started to lay down for a long nights sleep.

The next day he sprinted into his owner’s room to jump on his bed and lick his face, but the owner didn’t react. His heart sank into a dark pit. He didn’t wake up even after Baxter had pawed his hand for an hour. Why won’t he wake up? Baxter thought. That day Baxter snuggled next to his owner hoping he would wake up. Suddenly, in the middle of the night the owner’s son walked into the house and whimpered, “Dad why didn’t you come to mother’s funeral?”

He repeated this phrase for a few times before realizing that he wasn’t coming. As he walked into the room his son understood the gravity of the situation and got people to come and take his father, but he didn’t see the dog in the corner. Now Baxter was alone, waiting by the door, waiting to be remembered, but that day never came.

October 19, 2018

Kavanaugh and The Supreme Court

By: Alex Owens

LMS ASB (Santa Monica)

October 19 2018

For the past few weeks, there has been much controversy regarding Brett Kavanaugh and whether or not he is qualified to hold “the wisdom” of The Supreme Court. Kavanaugh was nominated for the place of Anthony Kennedy who had announced that he was retiring in June of 2018. Although most Judges are just sworn in after being nominated, having a special review, and finally having The Senate vote on the judge’s ability. The reason Kavanaugh was questioned was because people believed he “wasn’t qualified because he has a drinking problem and had supposedly harassed women”. Although there were many accusations he had been sworn in a few days ago. In his fight to be a justice he said beer a total of 33 times and stated how he loved drinking, so many people used that against him, but he also mentioned how he got into Yale. In the end Kavanaugh won and now is a justice.

A New Generation

By: Danny Chymaytelli

LMS ASB (Santa Monica)

October 19,2018

Millennials (those born from 1981 to 1993) weren’t like any other generation. They were the first to be able to “simultaneously use their phone to order a cup of coffee from Starbucks, Instagram a photo of their name spelled incorrectly on the coffee cup, reply to a friend via text, and talk to their co-worker about the company softball tournament.” Now, there is an even more unique generation arising, the I-Generation (those born in 1994 or later). The following are some tips for brands trying to reach the IGens.

1. Personalization! Personalization! Personalization!

Probably the most important aspect of this list is the fact that that this generation requires personalized communications. According to the Harvard Business Review, “IGens want brands to be aware of them as individuals rather than a name or number on a list. Repeated emails and generic email blasts addressed to “Dear Student/Customer” instantly turn this generation off. So how do you reach this audience on a personal level? Think of the data they willingly share on social media and use it to your advantage when personalizing communiques.” Previous generations didn’t look twice at the generic styling of communication, but this makes it clear that they do. And if your brand doesn’t start personalizing, the IGen will move onto brands that do.

2. Take full advantage of social media

The belief that IGens solely use social media to connect with friends is quite simply false. IGens also use social media as information sources. According to the Harvard Business Review, “When researching new consumer products, 81% of IGens use social media as a resource. They’re connecting with brands through their social networks and communicating with others who like the same products. Brands that are not taking full advantage of the real-time engagement that social media provide are missing the boat on reaching an entire generation.”

3. Have a mobile presence

As you probably already know, the world of the I-Generation revolves around their smartphone. We use them to make decisions all of the time. According to the Harvard Business Review, “”Tweens” hold about $43 billion in annual spending power - and with increasing mobile and e-commerce, that number will only climb. Instagram is recently moving toward a “click to shop” option for retail brands, and mobile apps are adding to the wide selection of information sources for products, services, and education. Brands are missing major marketing opportunities by not taking full advantage of mobile optimized messaging.”

It is clear that if your brand doesn’t make these key changes, your brand won’t survive in the coming years.

P.S. The “I” in “I-Generation” stands for iPhone as people of this generation grew up with a smartphone..