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This week in ASB

Cancer Awareness :

Friday: 3/15/19

March 18-22 we will be having a cancer awareness week. On Monday, you can dress in black for skin cancer, on Tuesday orange for leukemia, on Thursday wear pink for breast cancer, and on Friday grey for brain cancer. On Wednesday during lunch, you can come up to a table in front of the flagpole and write encouraging letters to cancer patients.

Clothing Drive:

Monday 3/18-Friday 3/22

Monday to Friday there will be a clothing drive. During this event there will be boxes in room 503 to drop off your donated clothing. All donations will go to Salvation army.

St. Patricks Day:

Monday 3/18

On Monday the 18th we will be holding a St. Patricks Day Scavenger hunt. During lunch you can go to the front lawn to get your first clue. You will repeat that until you have gone to every station and received a letter or a word. At the end of the hunt you will come back to the front lawn to unscramble the letters or words you got to make a sentence or word. Make sure to be quick, first four teams to solve the puzzle gets core points and candy!

Spring Door Decorating:

Monday 3/18-Friday 3/22

This is an event from march 18 to 27 where homebases decorate their doors. Spending money is not encouraged but is allowed. No clear tape allowed only masking. They will be judged on Friday from 1-10 points per category. The judging categories are most creative, colorful, and spring themed. Have fun and get creative!

ASB Trivia!

Come to Mr. Rowe's room, 503, with your answer to win 10 core points!!

Who ran for President with the campaign slogan "Vote Yourself a Farm"?

ASB Art!

By: Jane D.

Last week in ASB

Vine Day:

Vines from the past was on March 15. Students came to the front lawn during lunch to participate in a Finish The Vine competition. In were appropriate and costumes must follow the school’s dress code. Win 1 core point for quoting vine and 2 for costume.

Pi Day:

Pi Day was last Thursday. Teachers volunteered to have pie thrown in their faces by students who could recite at least 10 digits of pi. Thank you Lincoln Teachers!

Past ASB Events

Dad Joke Competition:

ASB is having a Dad Joke Competition on March 1st. ASB Senators will be coming into your hombases to collect your dad joke. The winning homebase will win 50-100 core points fort their core.

Crazy Sock Day:

Friday, February 22 is going to be Crazy Socks Day. Dress up with crazy colored or patterned socks to get core points.

Where's Waldo Day:

8th graders will find Waldos from Monday to Thursday and 6th 7th graders will search from Tuesday to Friday. All you need to do retrieve the paper clue and bring it back to room 503 for a prize of 30 core points and CANDY. On Friday wear stripes red and white for core points.

Valentine's Day:

On Thursday, February 14th we are holding the lovely, amazing Valentines Day event! You can dress up in pink, red, or hearts for core points. During lunch we will also be holding cheesy sentence and drawing competition. ASB will chose the winners who will receive core points and a sweet, adorable candy prize.

College Gear Day:

Tuesday, February 5, students came dressed in their college gear. If they didn't have college gear, they dressed in Mrs. Keleher's college colors of blue and gold for the University of Toledo.