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Student Sport!

This week, October 3rd through the 7th is our Student Sport event! On Monday we will be playing basketball on the courts, Tuesday will be soccer on the field, Thursday is frisbee on the field, and we'll play flag football Friday on the field. Participating can get you core points, and it's first come first serve to play, so during lunch come to the area designated for the sport played that day, and join in!

Talent Show Signups

Come to 503 any day after school this week to sign up for the Lincoln Talent Show. Acts can be dances, songs, magic tricks, comedy routines, and more. Winners will receive a $30 gift card. This can be done as a group or solo. See you there!

7th Grade Movie Night!

This Friday night, October 7th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM is 7th grade movie night! It'll be tons of fun so come by and watch the movie. The movie's going to be a surprise so you won't know what it is until you come. 6th graders, your turn is almost up so keep an eye out for some information on your movie night!

Reflections 2022! Show Your Voice!

Reflections is a national PTA art program that celebrates creativity in six categories: dance choreography, music composition, photography, visual arts, film production, and literature. The theme this year is "Show Your Voice" and entries are due no later than Friday, October 21st at 3PM. For more information click the link below.