About ASB

What is ASB?

ASB is the Associated Student Body of Lincoln Middle School. As the student government we represent student needs and work to make the school a positive and inclusive environment for everyone. We create events, fundraisers, volunteer, get involved in politics, and learn about how government works by participating in one.

How does it work?

ASB at Lincoln is made up of 2 chambers: The House and the Senate. Both chambers must agree for an event, fundraiser, law, or amendment to pass.

The House

The House is made up from an elected member from each class in the school. We meet twice a week to vote, deliberate, and ask questions on behalf of our class. We are led by the House Speaker and advised by the ASB advisor.

The Senate

The Senate is made up of students who applied to the program and were accepted by the staff based on academic performance and behavior. We meet every day to vote, deliberate, carry out events. We are led by the President and advised by the ASB advisor.

How do I Join?

Great question! To join the Senate, be sure to apply in Spring and hand your application to Mr Rowe in room 503. Ask Mr Rowe or a counselor for an application. To join the House, run as a House Representative during your next election!

Can I change How ASB Works?

Of Course! To create an event or change a law, all you need is a simple majority in both chambers of our ASB Congress and an approval by the ASB President. But what if the President vetoes? You can still pass your idea but this time you would need a 2/3 majority in both chambers to override the President. To change how ASB works, you'll need to change the ASB Constitution. To amend the constitution you need a 3/4 majority in both houses. Don't worry, the President has no power in amending the constitution. Check out our laws and amendments below!

LMS ASB Constitution

LMS ASB Constitution

Here is the Constitution which requires a 3/4 majority in both chambers to change.



Here are all the laws that require a simple majority in both chambers and the President to change.

LMS ASB Positions

ASB Senate Positions

Here are all the positions in the ASB Senate currently