“How can a young man keep his path pure…?”

This week in worship, we will celebrate something we’ve all benefitted from, in one form or another: Christian Education.

In services other than Sunday’s 9 o’clock service, Psalm 119:9-16 will serve as sermon text. It presents God’s Word: Guidance on Life’s Way.

In the 9 AM service on Sunday, January 27TH is THE REDEDICATION OF SAINT MARK’S EV LUTHERAN SCHOOL. This service will take place in the GYMNASIUM. The service will celebrate the 10 years we have enjoyed in our “new” school—and encourage us with generous gratitude to liquidate any remaining debt.

Worship takes place at 7 PM, Wednesday, January 23rd, 6 PM, Saturday, January 26th, and Sunday, January 27th, at 7:30, 9:00(IN THE GYM!), & 10:45 AM.

“…By guarding it with God’s words!”

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