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They Help You Prepare for Your Christian Funeral

As you consider the future, what do you most need to get ready for? No matter your age, what shattering event could alter your life, any time now? Is it not the eventuality of your death? The possibility of death is why young parents consider insurance, and why middle-aged people make sure their will is updated.

It’s also why we pastors note an increase in concern for Christ and church attendance among some folks as they reach retirement age. They are preparing for their death. And that’s an exceedingly good idea. But what a risk, if we wait so long! People of any age can die. That means that each of us right now needs to be prepared for the eventuality of our death.

Your congregation and its called workers prepare you for your death. Especially, every time you come to church, you are reminded of exceedingly good news. Christ has risen!—and according to his sure promise, we will rise to life, as well, through faith in Him.

Consider your confidence in Christ the ultimate insurance policy, whose premium the Holy Spirit keeps up-to-date, as you worship with us every week. You will need it, since you will certainly face death (and / or the Day of Judgment). And the benefits you reap from hearing and trusting Christ’s Word of his resurrection—you’ll agree that these are far better than any efforts you could ever put into the policy!

Lord, teach us to number our days aright. (Psalm 90:12)

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