Worship Encouragement

It is worth receiving the Lord’s Supper frequently: to celebrate Christ incarnate.

The Advent Season is an excellent time of year to receive Holy Communion. After all, Lord’s Supper itself would not be possible without the events leading up to Christmas.

Think of it. We could not at all receive Jesus’ true body and blood, had God the Son not actually taken on human flesh in the first place. But in his incarnation by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary, the eternal Christ took on a human body with human bloodlines—the very body and blood we now receive in Holy Communion.

It means that every time we receive the Lord’s Supper, it reminds us that our loving Savior took on human flesh for us to accomplish our everlasting rescue. And it means that we are proclaiming that confidence of ours that others also might share it.

All of which leads you always to want to receive Lord’s Supper regularly, and soon again.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. (John 1:14)

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