Smith County School District

Smith County District Superintendent Search Announcement

Smith County School District has opened the Superintendent Search to replace retiring superintendent Jimmy Hancock.

A transition period will be appreciated but not required.

Application Deadline: June 14, 2019


1. Administrative experience as a Principal, District Level Administrator, or Superintendent is required.

a.) Superintendent experience preferred.

b.) Total of 5 years administrative experience preferred.

2. AA Certification in Administration and Superintendent License is required.

3. Once hired, residence within 60 miles of Smith County is required.

a.) Once hired, residence within the Smith County School District preferred.

Please mail to the address provided on the application:

Superintendent Search

P.O. Box 18859

Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Applications will be held in confidence by Dr. Jack McAlpin and Dr. Ben Cox. If you have questions about the process, position or the district, you may contact Ben Cox on his personal cell phone at 601-757-4138.