Lab Alums

Postdocs and Staff

Dan Vahaba, PhDFormer: Postdoc
Current: Visiting Assistant Professor at Smith College

Allison Anacker, PhD

Former: Eveillard Postdoctoral Fellow
Current: Lecturer, UVM Psychology and Neuroscience

Sarah Lopez

Former: Research Technician
Current: post-bac premed at UVM

Nastacia Goodwin

Former: Research Technician
Current: PhD student at UWashington, Golden Lab

Lucy Bicks

Former: Research Technician
Current: PhD student Mt. Sinai, Akbarian/ Morishita labs

Undergraduates, MA students, and PhD rotations

Xueling (Shirley) Zhang '22

Taylor McCain '20 Senior thesis: developmental folic acid

Kelley Power '20 Developmental folic acid and play behavior

Maddie Lerner '20 Stress study; lab management

Rose Hatem '20 Lab management and literature reviews

Amelia Windorski '20 Hormones and breastfeeding

Jessie Chen '20 Operant conditioning

Zoe Kruse '23 Behavioral scoring

Natalie Bourdon ’19 Senior thesis: developmental folic acid

Emily Halsted ’19 Senior thesis: social motivation

Kate Shambaugh ’19 Prairie vole and degu behavior

Gabby Drew ’19 ANS regulation

Uma Gaffney ’20 Sex-specific variability

Rose Hatem ’20 Social motivation

Yejin Hwang ’20 Sex-specific variability

Hailey Bui ’20 Sex-specific variability

Tavorsia Tally ’18 Sex-specific variability

Sarah Lopez ’17 Social motivation/vole colony

Nene Nnodim-Amadi ’17 Hormones and breastfeeding

Katrina Blandino ’17 Social motivation

Katie Moshofski ’17 Sex-specific variability

Chase Freschlin ‘17J Regulation of CBG/Telemetry

Lydia Ross ’17 Resilience and depression

Katherine Freitas ’16 Social selectivity

Allison Anacker, PhD Eveillard Postdoctoral Fellow

Lucy Bicks Research assistant and lab manager extraordinaire

Jennifer Christensen (UG and MA): Oxytocin infusions

Sarah Winokur ’15 Senior thesis: rat prosocial behavior

Elyssa LaFlamme ’15 Senior thesis: site-specific oxytocin infusion

Diana Grunberg ’15 Autoradiography quantification

Misty Ngo ’15 Volunteer

Ginny Stoddard-Merriam Special studies

Amanda Stout ‘16 Colony care

Mursal Naderi ’16 Oxytocin infusion

Emma Watson ’17 Team Vole

Sara Kwiatkowski ’16 Team Rat

Diana Grunberg ’15 Autoradiography quantification

Yasmin Kamal ’14 Senior thesis: oxytocin receptors in south american rodents

Kara Reitz ’14 Senior thesis: Vole behavior, vole cort projects

Angela Licata ’14 oxytocin dynamics in meadow voles

Kelsey Nickerson ’14 vole behavior

Sophia Deady ’16 vole behavior

Nastacia Goodwin ’14 Lab manager, technician, and science galore

Emma Cooke ’14 Oxytocin receptors and development

Nini Dvali Partner preference testing

Emily Starr-Phillips ’12, Biology MA student Thesis: rat maternal care & more

Ellen Gunzel ‘13J Vole anxiety, social behavior, and stress hormones

Laura Keenan STRIDE student fall 2011-spring 2013

Rebecca Mena ’15 STRIDE student fall 2011-spring 2012

Vanessa Raditz ’12 Oxytocin and social behavior

Amy Crawford ’12 Lab manager

Heather Osorio ’12 OTR in South American rodents