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2019-2020 AmeriCorps Application

Tutoring Programs - After School Safe Havens - House of Trades Construction Skills

Steps to Apply to SMILES AmeriCorps

Please read and follow instructions to COMPLETE ALL portions of the application.

All steps must be done before your application is complete.

1. Complete all 6 items on this page

2. Hear from host sites you have selected for interview

3. Meet with Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps Staff for AmeriCorps Overview

4. Receive an offer to become a Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps Member

Applicants should expect no less than 1 week from the application submission and acceptance to be able to attend one of our scheduled training dates.

Community Based Non-Profit AmeriCorps Host Sites - Full Year / Summer Programs

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Housing Authority

Mercer County Host Sites

Keystone SMILES Sharpsville Gardens Preschool Program

Mercer County Housing Authority After-School / Summer Program

Zion Education Center

Venango Co. Host Sites

Boys & Girls Club on the Allegheny

Clarion/Venango Safe Kids

Good Hope Lutheran Church/Stay and Play

Venango House of Trades

Weed and Seed Hot Spots

YMCA Day Care

Youth Alternatives

Youth Philanthropy Project

YMCA/Camp Coffman (Summer Only)

School-Based AmeriCorps Host Sites - School Year Programs

Allegheny County

Shaler Area School District

Beaver County

Ambridge School District

Rochester Area School District

Clarion County

Clarion Area School District

North Clarion County School District

Keystone SMILES Alternative Education Program

Keystone SMILES Preschool Program

Erie County

Fairview School District

General McLane School District

Girard School District

Harbor Creek School District

Iroquois School District

North East School District

Lawrence County

Ellwood City Area School District

Jefferson County

Punxsutawney Area School District

McKean County

Kane Area School District

Mercer County

Commodore Perry School District

Grove City Area School District

Mercer Area School District

Reynolds School District

My AmeriCorps placement was my first experience working with elementary school aged students, which I loved! After AmeriCorps, I continued working as an after school tutor while completing my master's, and I now work in an international school in Thailand providing English language support to elementary school students. ~Jackie Wice, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, Salvation Army, 2008

"My educational award helped me graduate debt-free from Gannon University, which is something I am incredibly thankful for. "~ Kathryn Kapp, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, SMILES Summer Corps, 2015

"I sincerely believe that my AmeriCorps service was a big part of why I was hired over other candidates in a very competitive interview process." ~Daniel Drum, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, Girard School, 2015

"AmeriCorps was a great way to get connected with the community and make a difference. I enjoyed the freedom to coordinate some of my own projects and learned several new skills by the time I finished."~Maria Smith, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, SMILES Alternative Education Program, 2013

1. Watch the "What is AmeriCorps Video"

"My experience with Miss Thelma and other AmeriCorps members in the school readiness program laid a wonderful foundation for my degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. My placement as a school based member in the reading room at Keystone was influential and has me thinking about eventually getting my Masters as a Reading Specialist. "~Jaime Armstrong, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, 2011

2. Review the Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps Recruitment Presentation

RHT School Based Recruitment Jan 19.pdf

"After AmeriCorps I was able to get a teaching job at a charter school in Erie. My service at Iroquois helped me get the job I have now and gave me so many opportunities to learn and grow as an educator! ~Nicolina Barbero, AmeriCorps Alum, Iroquois School District, 2016

Review AmeriCorps Benefits Flyer and the list of open positions below.

"I believe having AmeriCorps on my resume really helped me land interviews in districts around Western PA. The job market was (and still is) so competitive in this state. I believe my AmeriCorps service showed potential employers that I am motivated and driven when I comes to teaching. In interviews I got to tell them about all of the awesome things I got to do during my AmeriCorps experience, and how it provided me with the opportunity to work with students full time. They were also impressed by my service projects and volunteer experience with the program. AmeriCorps helped catapult me into the teaching profession I have now and I’ll always be grateful for that! ~ Kelsey Roberts, AmeriCorps Alum, Laurel School District, 2014

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"I credit my years with AmeriCorps to the fact that I got my dream job. It allowed me to make a name for myself that substituting just couldn't do. In a saturated field with many applications to pick from, my old site supervisor sought me out 4 years after my time with AmeriCorps because she knew my abilities. " ~ Katie Milf, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, Reynolds Elementary, 2011

Clearance Consent Form - This is a form which you will PRINT, COMPLETE and SIGN and SEND to Keystone SMILES at PO Box 352; Knox, PA 16232


Congratulations on the Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps application!

Please contact Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps with any questions you have about this Application Process!

Below is a SAMPLE position description for Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps and a list of All current Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps Host Sites

SMILES AmeriCorps Position Description Sampl.pdf