This year I will work remotely with all distance learners (K-8) to provide both math and ELA instruction. Should Governor Cuomo close all schools, I will resume my role as the fifth grade teacher. All remote learners that had been working with me will resume instruction with their classroom teacher.

To my fifth grade parents, please know that I will be closely collaborating with the substitute to ensure a smooth transition and consistency throughout the school year.

The fifth grade supply list is below and should be purchased by students that will be attending in person. My distance learner supply list is at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer and stay healthy!


*Possibly needed for fifth grade distance learners depending on what substitute will prefer

*A Five Star Mead, spiral, GRAPH RULED notebook with built in pocket dividers. 3 subject preferred if you can find it for math.

*Two 3 subject spiral notebook with built in pocket dividers for science and ELA

*A two pocket folder for social studies

*A 1 subject notebook for religion

*1 pair of headphones or earbuds

1 package wide ruled (if possible) loose leaf paper

1 two pocket take home folder

Small box of crayons or colored pencils or small box of markers


1 small glue stick

Erasable pens (enough to last the school year)

#2 pencils (enough to last the school year)

Pencil sharpener if you don’t buy mechanical pencils

1 highlighter (any color)

*2 red pens

Pencil case

1 box of tissue to keep in your classroom crate (crates are being provided for 5th graders)

**It is necessary that each student have their own supplies, sharing supplies will not be permitted due to COVID19.

Distance Learner Supply List

These are the supplies your child will need to work remotely with me for math and ELA. Please check your grade level classroom teacher's website for additional supplies they will need when they Zoom in for science, social studies, religion, & spanish.

*It would be helpful to have a home printer, so that worksheets may be printed especially for younger grades.

6-8 Math & ELA Fourth & Fifth Math & ELA

TI 30 XIIS Scientific calculator 3 subject graph ruled notebook

3 subject spiral notebook 1 subject notebook

pencils and erasers pencils and erasers

1 folder erasable pens

1 highlighter 1 highlighter

headphones or earbuds 1 two pocket folder

crayons or colored pencils

headphones or earbuds

K-2 Math & ELA

1 glue stick

1 pair of blunt scissors


pencils and erasers

2 two pocket folders

1 mini dry erase whiteboard approx. 11 x 17

dry erase markers (not red, they stain the boards)

old sock to use as eraser for dry erase whiteboard

Fifth Grade Distance Learners may also need the supplies marked with an * on the in person supply list above, depending what the substitute decides. You may want to wait to buy those items.

The following links are to commonly used sites that will be utilized this year. Your child has a username and password sheet that has been emailed to parents.

Pearson/Savaas Math and Science Text

Xtra Math



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