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Welcome to our 2024 school year!

We would like to welcome all of our families back to a new year of learning. At St Mary’s we are committed to empowering our students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to recognise, create and participate effectively in a changing world. 

We continue to live out our vision of learning and work in partnership with our families to support each child’s learning journey. To support this our Home Learning Learning Portal will continue to be updated with learning ideas and practice you can use at home to ensure that your child continues to learn and grow throughout the year.

Learning Community Links

Specialist Activities

Whole School Links 

Below you will find links to regular updates and messages from our school leaders, access to our weekly video assemblies, our daily prayers and other links to resources you might link to explore as part of your child's home leaning experience. 

Check in Tiles

Below are our check in tiles. For students or parents who need extra support, please contact leadership or your class teacher and we will arrange to meet on a tile below. 

Meeting Code = Purple

Meeting Code = Blue

Meeting Code = Yellow

Meeting Code = Red

Meeting Code = Green

Meeting Code = Teal

Meeting Code = Orange

Meeting Code = Pink

Our Vision at St Mary's

More Learning 

Below are links to different specialist areas. These have been developed by teachers to share learning and to support students to engage in learning from home.

Please click on the tiles below to find more learning opportunities.