Technology PK4 - 8

Kindergarten has learned a song about the parts of the computer! Ask them to sing it for you!

KDG Computer Song.MOV

All About Me!

Technology is all about new ideas, in the word cloud I let you know about a few things we're doing this year, and a little about things I like to do.

What is AR?

AR, or Augmented Reality, is viewing a layer of digitized content that's integrated with the real world. By using a phone or tablet with the proper app, you can see what appears digitally. Before Christmas break, students colored pictures that became digital masks when viewed with the Quivervision app - here are some of the results!

Did you know coding could be this much fun?

Code9 Parent

Code9 Parent offers free and paid courses to familiarize yourself with the social media apps that our kids use. This is a great way to get to know the apps your child is using!


Was an electronic assistant recently added to your home - or are you looking to buy one?

Check out this blog article from Common Sense Media for some interesting facts: