2nd Grade Luv-Bugs

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Second Grade News-Sept 17 2017

Twas Days Before School!!!

Tis officially the time

when no one is blue

because it is happy time

to begin grade two!

Summer luv-bugs are nestled

in vacation sun

but school joy is upon us

and it will be fun!

I hope you are excited

to get back to school

because awesome St. Martin's

is always way cool!

Mrs. Papineau feels joy

that school time is near

because it will be awesome

throughout the whole year!

Now Anthony and Ryan

it really is neat

Mary, Ania and Luna

school time can’t be beat!

Smiles to our Madeleine

and high fives to Mathew Z.

hi to Kyle and Justice

it’s great, you will see.

A big hello to Daniel

and our Matthew M. too

There will be so many wows

And fireworks too!

Liliana, get ready

to have lots of fun

Alanna, Brooke and Riley

We will learn a ton!

Melina and Caroline

Say it’s almost time

For Alexis and Aurora

to stand in our line.

Hi to Braden and Joseph

Blaise and Luke too

Dwyane, Collin and Gregg

I bet you all grew!

Olivia S. is sweet

and ready to play

Christine, Lucas and Declan

are smiling today!

Liam, Preston and Aaron

all feel excited

Olivia F. and Jules

truly delighted!

Remember to keep Jesus

in all that you do

He's loving and your best friend

and cares for you too!

We'll learn so much about Him

and pray together

we have God's unending love,

nothing is greater!

Well, you will hear me exclaim

as you walk in sight

that this whole year together

will be dynamite!

I can't wait to see all of your Luv-bug smiles!!!


I also am looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful parents on Curriculum Night!!!

It is on Thursday, September 7th at 7pm!

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Got it!!!

Mrs. Papineau

June 2017

Dear Sensational Second Grader and Wonderful Mom and Dad too!

Happy summer! The countdown is on for the start of another great school year! I can’t wait! This year will truly be so extra special as your precious child prepares to receive two incredibly special sacraments for the best two days ever!

Please ask your wonderful parents to go to our school web site and ask them to e-mail me a brief message so I can add them to my address book and alert them to information, updates and/or happy grade 2 news! Our class web site is filled with all kinds of information and links to learning over the summer months!!! I will be adding a lot more goodies over the summer months so check it out frequently!

Our new school year is going to be filled with so many interesting and fun learning experiences! The following is a list of items that will be needed for all of our fun and excitement for September!

· a backpack

· sharpened #2 pencils with erasers (No mechanical pencils please.)

· a pencil sharpener

· 3 sturdy folders (any design) with pockets that are clearly marked with your child’s name that will be used to transport “goodies” each day to and from school. (If you are able to cover the folders with clear contact paper they should last for the year…)

· A smock for art (an adults old shirt works very well)

· A small box of crayons, scissors, two pink erasers and 4 glue sticks (All of which should fit and be inside a soft pencil case.

· A small nutritious snack and a water bottle each day. (No flavored water or juice please…that way we don’t have sticky spills.)

· Clear contact paper is needed for covering soft cover workbooks at home in September. Paper covers or book socks are required and will work well for our textbooks.

· One photo of your special child (no larger than 4 x 6 please) for the first day of school.

· You will be using school notebooks during the year and enjoying Studies Weeklies as well. The price for all of those goodies is $38.00 payable BY CHECK ONLY to St. Martin de Porres School on the first day of school.

· All boys are asked to bring a box of tissues and one package of antibacterial wipes. (The girls will be asked to do the same in the second semester. Thank you.

· All girls are asked to bring a roll of paper towels and one package of antibacterial wipes. (The boys will be asked to do the same in the second semester. Thank you.

Summer Fun!!!

Please fill out the Home Reading Record sheets with how many books you read over the summer. Fill both sides of the pages with the wonderful books you read! Don’t forget to bring it back on the first day! I can’t wait to see how many books you have read!

· You also will bring back three book reports on the first day. Read any books of your choice. I can’t wait to see what wonderful writers you are! I am so proud of you already! The book report forms are attached to this letter and extras are available on the class web page.

· In addition, please return the completed Summer Math packet on the first day of school too! (Please remember to work on it slowly and carefully throughout the summer. )

· Please remember to practice your addition and subtraction facts over the summer! The goal for all children is to complete 100 math problems in under five minutes! You can absolutely do it! Flashcards and on-line games are a super way to practice! (Check out the math sites listed on the class math web page…) I just know you are all math wizards!

· Please use www.mathletics.com for learning over the summer. I will be checking the site frequently to check on all of the luv-bug’s progress.

I truly look forward to a fantastic year together in second grade! It is going to be wonderful Jesus filled year! Enjoy a safe, happy and fantastic summer! I can’t wait until September!

Mrs. Papineau

Below is the Summer Work... :)

Summer-Work-Reading-Activities (1).pdf
Reading-Record-Sheet (1).doc