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7th and 8th Grade Supply List

1 binder with subject folders + 1-1 ½ inch binder for ELA

2 pkg loose leaf paper for classroom use

Loose leaf paper for personal use

1pkg graph paper for classroom use

Graph paper for personal use

Blue or black pens, red pens


Colored pencils




Glue stick

Tissues—3 boxes per student

Math notebook

Pencil case (no hard boxes)

Lab folder for science

Backpack or bag that is suitable for carrying IPad and other materials.

1 pkg of 2 rolls paper towels per family for classroom

Scientific calculator, such as TI-30

Algebra 1 students only—Texas Instruments 84+ graphing calculator

(Algebra 1 students will need a scientific calculator (Non-graphing) for State Math tests and Regents Earth Science Test)