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One of the many services The Office of Strategic Planning & Communication offers is Software Professional Development. This website has information about, resources for, and training opportunities for a large selection of software applications.

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Technology in the workplace

We might not have robot maids or ride to work in flying cars but make no mistake, we are living in the future. Every aspect of our lives is now being influenced or controlled in some way by computer technology. The incredible smartphone that you cannot live without? That's a computer and a very powerful one in fact. Modern cars, home electronics, and even refrigerators now come with computers to help manage and facilitate tasks.

Our students are growing up in this technologically infused world, and their success relies on our ability to teach them the skills they need to master these innovations. So, that is why we need to work together to make technology proficiency a part of our professional development lifestyle. The aim of this site is to offer classes, videos, and private sessions that will allow anyone to increase their skill and confidence with technology be it software and apps, or simply mastering their new smartphone or tablet.

-Barrett Brooks

2018-2019 School Year

Our current training focus is website editing & accessibility. If you or your department/office/school are seeking specific software training please email us at and we will work with you to schedule some training.