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St. Mary's Association of Model United Nations (SMAMUN) is a simulation of the United Nations where students participate by acting as delegates from various countries, non-governmental agencies, as well as other societal agencies. In doing this, students analyze, evaluate, and synthesize sources as they develop an advanced understanding of the United Nations and contemporary international issues. This educational experience prepares students to become informed and active global citizens. Also, the Model United Nations experience stresses the importance of collaboration as the various international actors try to resolve their conflicts. At the conclusion of the simulations, SMAMUN's vision is to foster civically-engaged students who seek a peaceful resolution, embrace diversity and tolerance, as well as encourage the need for social progress.

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Briefing Papers

Grade 5 Briefing Papers

Elem Deforestation
Elem Water Sanitation
Elem International Poaching

Middle School Briefing Papers

MS SOCHUM Ensuring the Human Right to Food Security and Potable Water
MS SOCHUM Prevention of Genocide
MS SC Drug Trafficking
MS SC Children and Armed Conflict
MS SC Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
MS SOCHUM Promoting the Rule of Law in Developing Nations

High School Briefing Papers

HS SPECPOL Militarization of the South China Sea
HS SPECPOL United Nation's Peacekeeping Operations
HS SPECPOL Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
HS SC Violent Nationalism
HS SC Conflict in Myanmar
HS SC Protecting Civilians in Regions of War: Iraq and Syria

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