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The Maryland Blueprint

The Blueprint for Maryland's Future Act is a piece of legislation intended to enhance and improve the state and local investment in, and school system operation of, Maryland's public schools and each of the schools within the 24 local school systems. This 235-page bill contains the policy and funding recommendations of the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, described in much greater detail below.

House Bill 1300, the 235-page bill passed in 2020 was passed a second time in 2021 by overriding the Governor's 2020 veto. Therefore, this bill needed updating to extend timelines, and legislators wanted to include new provisions to address COVID-related issues. So, House Bill 1372 (a 45-page bill) was passed to update and complement the core legislation, House Bill 1300.

Both bills must be read (and cross-referenced) to grasp the array of funding and policy provisions that constitute the Blueprint. Later this year the Education Article (the statute containing every provision of the Blueprint) will be updated and available online. For now, the "Fiscal and Policy Notes" for the respective bills provide very helpful narrative descriptions of bill provisions as well as state and local funding tables.

In 2022, HB 1450 was passed extending timelines associated with the Blueprint.

The SMCPS Blueprint Implementation Steering Committee has developed its responses to address the Blueprint requirements in the SMCPS Blueprint Implementation Plan. This plan was presented for public input at the March 8 Board of Education Meeting and has been submitted to the Maryland State Department of Education the Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB) on March 15, 2023. 

SMCPS Blueprint Implementation Plan March 2023.pdf


Blueprint Overview

Learn about the Blueprint for Maryland's Future, our work in implementing this reform effort, and its impact on our schools: 

Blueprint Overview for SMCPS

These slides provide an overview of the legislation and policy areas.

Blueprint Policy Areas

The Blueprint's requirements are delineated under five (5) policy areas, which are outlined in HB1300. Subsumed under each of these policy areas are requirements and legislated elements. These five areas are:

Legislation - The Blueprint for Maryland's Future Act (and Revisions)

HB 1300 (2020)

Copy of HB 1300 final enrolled bill 2020.pdf

HB 1372 (2021)

Copy of HB 1372 final enrolled bill 2021.pdf

HB 1450 (2022)

HB1450 2022.pdf

Blueprint Requirements - by Year and Pillar

Implementation graphic_COMBINED_ 10.26.22JM

Blueprint Plan Documents

Blueprint Implementation Plan Template12.2022.pdf
Blueprint Implementation Plan Guidance Document with Criteria_Final.pdf