St. Mary's County Public Schools

Drinking Water Testing Program

St. Mary's County Public Schools - Division of Supporting Services - Department of Maintenance -

In compliance with the new Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) regulations, all drinking water outlets (drinking fountains, ice machines, kitchen sinks, etc. ) served by a community water supply in SMCPS were sampled for testing. Any drinking water outlet with test results above the EPA action level will be taken out of service and re-mediated. Once SMCPS has completed drinking water testing, all test results data will be analyzed and remedial actions will be implemented which may include replacing outlets, replacing the plumbing to the outlet, abandoning the outlet, or other acceptable alternatives to meet the lead requirements. The law did not include testing requirements for schools served by well water systems (although a different type of lead testing is conducted and completed every three years.) Schools served by well water systems will have this same testing of all water outlets completed this year. This was not undertaken this summer, as the regulation requires students to be in session when the water samples are taken.

February 2019 Update -

All outlets that tested above the EPA action level have been remediated, retested and placed back in service. The results are posted on the "Drinking Water Test Results" page with the associated school "Follow-Up Testing Results."


For all outlets with irregular results, SMCPS:

    • Has closed outlets to use. No students or staff have access to any outlets that have irregular test results.
    • Is addressing outlets where irregular results were identified.
    • Will re-test outlets once each issue is addressed.
    • Will re-open outlets after testing confirms levels are within normal range.

For additional information, or if you have difficulty accessing information, please contact Department of Maintenance, Steven Whidden 301-475-4256 ext 34106