September 4, 2018

As an 8th grade student your child will be exploring the foundations of the United States as a country through the period of Reconstruction.


It is very important that we have open communication at all times. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You may always call and leave a message for me at the school (301)475-0230 and I will return your call after the buses dismiss. Or you may email me at and I will return your email on my lunch break, during my planning or after school.

Mrs. Payne's website - you can find the curriculum, notes, quizlet, vocabulary, videos, primary sources, etc


Homework is not given on the weekends or over the holidays unless a student needs to make up work or complete an assignment that was not completed during class.

Each student is responsible for turning in their own homework. Homework is collected by me at the beginning of the class period.

I strongly support extra curricular activities, but please do not use them as an excuse for late work, especially projects.

No process labeled assignments will be accepted after their due date.

Product assignments will be accepted late with a ten percent (10%) reduction in their score for every day it is turned in late. For example if the assignment is worth 20 product points and it is turned in 2 days late, then the highest possible score your child may receive is 16/20.

We will be following the County’s process (30%) and product (70%) policy.


All accommodations and adaptations will be made for my students on an individual basis. Adaptations are based on a consultation with his/her case manager and information obtained from you, the parent. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

Soaring into history!

Tammy Payne