Global & International Studies

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The Global and International Studies (GIS) program provides students with knowledge of world regions, cultures, and international issues. Students participating in the program studies develop skills in communicating in languages other than English, working in global or cross-cultural environments, and using information from different sources around the world. An international studies program provides opportunities for students to develop a respect and concern for other cultures and people.

GIS provides students with a rigorous and engaging education. Students are challenged by taking several Pre-AP and Advanced Placement courses each year of high school as well as specialized GIS courses that provide opportunities for students to refine their academic organizational skills, analytic inquiry, oral speaking and presentation skills as well as writing talents. Student are provided the opportunity to go on field trips and listen to guest speakers.

GIS students complete the AP Capstone project which consists of two courses, AP Seminar and AP Research. AP Seminar strives to provide students prerequisite skills such as conducting academic research, synthesizing information, formulating claims, and communication through written work and presentations.

To graduate with GIS recognition, students must pass all GIS specific courses and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

For cohorts graduating in 2022-2024, a Graduate of Distinction will be chosen to represent the program and speak at graduation. Beginning with the 2025 graduating cohort, the program will have a GIS valedectorian. View the SMCPS

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