Green Campus

Resources for Implementing Green Facilities and Operations Practices

Templates, guidelines, and certification processes listed below can help guide a school through the facility greening process as well as give a facility recognition for their efforts. Don't forget that integrating facility upgrades into curriculum (i.e. Campus as a Laboratory for Learning) is critical for establishing sustainability on your campus!

Green Facilities Initiatives

SMCOE's Environmental Literacy Initiative is in the process of developing info pages for each focus area of greening a facility (i.e. energy, water, waste, purchasing, grounds, etc.). Utilize the links below to learn more about each topic, the associated state and local mandates, and strategies for achieving a reduced ecological footprint.

Strategic plans, Templates, and policies

The templates below were developed by SMCOE for greening the office facilities of SMCOE. Use them as guidelines for next steps to take or as templates to prepare sustainability plans for your own campus or facilities. Also see examples of policies and guidelines that can serve as powerful tools for reducing ecological footprint.


There are a number of districts and schools that are on the leading edge of integrating sustainability into facilities and operations, and across curriculum and community engagement programs. Learn more about these schools by utilizing the links below.

Green Building Certifications

There are a number of organizations that support green facilities and buildings that are healthy for people and the planet, and are utilized for enhancing teaching and learning. The majority of the criteria for these certifications and recognition programs are largely focused on facilities and operations but have great crossover opportunities for K-12 educators from multiple disciplines.