Sustainable and Climate Ready Campus TOOLKIT

Resources for Green and Climate Resilient Facilities and Operations Efforts in Schools

This website was designed by the San Mateo County Office of Education's (SMCOE) Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative (ELSI) to provide stakeholders (administrators, teachers, students, parents, community partner, etc.), within San Mateo County school communities, with the resources they need to manage green and climate resilient facilities and operations initiatives.

If you are looking for an overview to the full initiative or other resources visit: SMCOE's Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative


Whole School Sustainability and Climate Ready Efforts: To find resources focused on comprehensive efforts such as baseline assessments, benchmarking, full length-strategic plans, campus (facilities and operations), dashboards, climate action and/or adaptation plans, visit our "Whole School Efforts" page.

Sustainable and Climate Ready Schools (SCRS) Focus Area Resources: In San Mateo County, we have identified nine focus areas that are most relevant to our communities, and lend themselves well to solutionary action within campus facilities and operations, as well as literacy efforts in curriculum and community. Find resources pages for each focus area topic, that include: goals, strategies, and mandates; project management resources, examples of solutionary leadership in local districts and schools, and connections to community based partners serving San Mateo County Schools.

Shared Leadership Models for Sustainability and Climate Ready Initiatives: This page provides resources for how to build sustainability (aka "Green" or "Climate Ready" committees at the site and district-wide level. The page also provides job descriptions for compensated champions (i.e. Sustainability Coordinators, Environmental Literacy Specialist, etc.), and sample vision and goals for district-wide sustainability initiatives.

Climate Ready Schools : The Climate Ready Schools page provides resources for understanding the roles and responsibilities that schools have to both mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.

Funding: The funding page provides a starting point for finding resources for funding facilities and operations initiatives focused around sustainability and climate resiliency.


The ELSI Team can provide a variety of customized technical assistance services to support districts and schools to make a transformation towards sustainable and climate resilient practices, and can connect schools and districts to partners:


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