SMCOE Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative

SMCOE's Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative (ELSI) provides "backbone support" to San Mateo County schools in prioritizing environmental literacy, by preparing leaders to integrate environmental sustainability and climate resilient practices across a school's campus, curriculum, community and culture.

Driving Philosophies: "Educate to Survive and Thrive" and "The World Becomes What We Teach"

ABOUT - Use the links below to learn more about the Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative (ELSI), launched in July 2017:

ELSI PROGRAMS - ELSI Programs are run by SMCOE and seek to support stakeholders across school communities to ensure that all students are educated to survive and thrive sustainably.

SERVICES - The ELSI Team can provide a variety of customized technical assistance services to districts and schools in the following categories:

  • Professional Development Support for Integrating Environmental Sustainability Education (ESE) and Climate Literacy into Curriculum and Instruction

  • Technical Assistance Support for Green Facilities and Operations - this includes a recent focus on utilizing outdoor classrooms for COVID-19 Recovery, and support with adapting to the impacts of climate change (i.e. high heat, air pollution, flooding, etc.)

  • Support to Community Leaders (including youth and parent volunteers) for leading community engagement efforts

RESOURCES - The ELSI Team has created and curated a wealth of resources to support champions to lead this work in their community - explore all resources here or use the links below:

The ELSI Bulletin - Every month the Environmental Literacy & Sustainability Initiative sends out a newsletter, The ELSI Bulletin.

Through our newsletter you can stay updated with our work, find professional development opportunities and curriculum resources, as well as explore environmental events for staff and students in San Mateo County and beyond.

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