This Week's Home Share: Today we played our first probability game: SKUNK. Explain to your family how the game is played.

Math: New Unit: Probability--review today's learning: What is probability? How do you determine the probability of rolling a 6 with one die? How is probability calculated?

New Math Page goes out on Tuesday--due next Monday. (Week 6)

Reading: Read 20 minutes each day outside of the reading we do at school.

Be ready for your book talk.

Keep up with Sketch notes about Ghost Boys. We will have an assignment following the end of the book.

Writing: Speech good copy due Tuesday. Speeches will be presented next Monday and Tuesday

Health: Compare the new Food Guide with the original food guide

Science: New unit begins

History: Presentations conclude on Tuesday.

The Arts: Get ready for a virtual valentine experience!

Check out Classroom daily to make sure your assignments are turned in:


Bring gym clothes in for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Clean indoor shoes are needed every day (running shoes as best as they can be used in gym class)

Math: review multiplication facts, math prodigy games

  • Wear Red/Pink/White on Friday
  • Follow us on Twitter @SMCDSB_SMH and on Facebook @stmaryshuntsville for all of the latest news
  • Here is the link for KENKEN practise
  • Use the multiplication trainer for five minutes each day for best results when trying to improve your times tables

What we are working on right now:

  • Probability/Fractions/Percents, Speeches, British North America/The Canadian Identity, Blogging continues, The Ghost Boys read aloud, Religion: Social Justice