This Week's Home Share: What would you take if you had ten minutes to pack a backpack with belongings, and like the Refugees in our book, would never be home again?

Math: Working with ratios. Students calculated the number of chips in a Dorito Roulette bag. Using that information, they then calculated the number of hot chips and not hot chips. The information they had was: each bag is 235 grams, 21 chips = 50 grams, the ratio of hot to not chips is 1:6


Art: Accordian book of Art Elements due FRIDAY. Review the 7 elements: Line, Shape, Colour, Value, Form, Space, and Texture. Make yourself a study page using this link: http://artimusprimecobra.blogspot.com/2015/01/elements-and-principles-of-design-unit_12.html

***Return the September info page to Mrs. B (attached to the class newletter) Still waiting on 5 pages to be returned.

Check out Classroom daily to make sure your assignments are turned in:


Reading: read 20 minutes each day outside of the reading we do at school. We have started our Global Read Aloud book entitled Refugee. Students are making sketchnotes for each chapter.

Bring gym clothes in for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Clean indoor shoes are needed every day (running shoes as best as they can be used in gym class)

  • Terry Fox: We surpassed our school goal! Way to go Mustangs!
  • Fresh Food Fundraiser--Sell food baskets! For the pizza party, to raise money for the school, and for the good of your health!
  • Math: review multiplication facts, math prodigy games
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  • Here is the link for KENKEN practise
  • Use the multiplication trainer for five minutes each day for best results when trying to improve your times tables

What we are working on right now:

  • Group work skills, Time Capsules, Becoming an active reader, Patterning, Self Assessments, Elements of art