About The Classroom

You can find our class in Room 120 in the main hallway, make a left at the T-intersection by the washrooms and we are the first room on the right. In our classroom you will find and Apple TV and projector, 10 Chrome books, four student laptops, and 3 ipads. We also have a HUGE classroom library filled with hundreds of books of all genres.

About Mrs. Baumgart

My name is Victoria Baumgart. This is my twenty-third year teaching. I am married to a wonderful man who is also a teacher and we have two, almost grown, children and one adorable, somewhat spoiled puppy.

I am currently teaching Grade 6/7, but I have taught in all Elementary school Divisions throughout my career. I am a firm believer in the importance of a growth mindset, where mistakes are an important part of the learning process. I believe that everyone can learn with hard work and perseverance and I place priority on personal improvement, so that every student is encouraged to continue learning and improving.

I will be teaching your child homeroom subjects: Religion, Family Life, Math, Language Arts and the Arts. I will also teach Social Studies/Geography/History on rotary.

Our Rotary Teaching Staff

Mrs. Courtney Godard will teach our class Phys. Ed/Dance on rotary days.

Mrs. Amanda Bunker will teach our class Science.

Mr. Gravel will teach French to our class daily.