"La Petite Ville" Friday May 4th

Mock Town- students are learning to order their Pizza in French from grade 1-3 and then grades 4-8 are adding Subway, the Movies and Tim Hortons orders. I am inviting some parents who speak French, or are learning to and interested in coming to speak to our Grade 7's in the gym. I have sent invitations home and will reply to the first 20 volunteers. (We only have room for that many) Follow this school website for how to learn/brush up and read OUR phrases and vocabulary that students use.

GO TO LA PETITE VILLE -page above to learn the phrases with audio and text

LA PETITE VILLE updated invite .docx

Parents who received an invitation please fill in and return to class and I will respond.

If you did not receive an invitation and wish to come contact me through your child's AGENDA.


Congratulations! Students in grades 3-4 C, 4-5 G and -5/6 Gallant *who have successfully completed all French expectations will be invited by Mme Denis to take part in an exciting day!

LE CHEF A L'ÉCOLE will be coming to our school thanks to a GRANT we received through French Consultant along with our school board who funded the difference in costs to offset the grant.

Students will be partaking in cooking lessons collaborating to cook and clean up. Afterwards they will enjoy presentations about French Culture and music as they eat their Raspberry Pastries. (Tartelettes au framboises)

Merci et Félicitations! to Grade 8's who are taking on extra challenges (and credit) and taking initiative to learn more in French- they have volunteered to assist us that day! Bravo to: