Mme Denis' FSL classes

MEEEEERRRRRRCIIIIII for another fantastic year!

I feel like the luckiest French Teacher on Earth! We had some fantastic times, learned much more and way over what my expectations were! Here are some of the amazing things we did this year:

Chef à l'École 2019 with grades 1,2 and 3's- see Chef Page

LA PETITE VILLE- PIZZA, SUBWAY, CINÉMA, CONCESSION, McDonald's and Hospital see :"La Petite Ville" 2019

Primary Classes grades 1-4 had a school assembly Showcase June 20th to recite their plays. -See primary OÙ EST MON CHIEN, grades 3-4 LE CHAT ET LA LUNE

Junior Intermediates worked hard in their classes to read a play and learn many more advanced speaking structures.

Our First Nation Métis, Inuit Student Champions Club went to St-Marie to Celebrate NATIONAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S DAY and grades 2/3 Butineau and 3/4 Inglis learned about Residential Schools and designed Ojibway Language Stones as a gesture of respect and hope that Indigenous culture continues to be a part of everyone in Canada's lives. - see FNMI page