Rivercrest Remembers

50 Years

When the name of the Rivercrest School District is mentioned, most people immediately think of our communities that are steeped in tradition. This is a place where roots run deep, and it is common for multi-generational families to continue to be active members of the school community. This is a place where we can ask a local farmer for help if a bus gets stuck. This is a place where everyone gathers to lend a hand and to show support when tragedy strikes. This is a place where we celebrate milestones with one another. This year we are celebrating a very special milestone in the history of our district. The doors of Rivercrest High School opened to students for the first time in August 1970 making the 2019-20 school year Rivercrest's 50th year.

As part of our 50-year celebration, we are collecting memories and photos from people who have been part of Rivercrest history. This website will be used to curate this information so that others can enjoy all of the special moments that have made Colt Country what it is today. If you have a photo you would like to submit, please email it to socialcolt@smccolts.com.