Meet the Team!

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It is our pleasure to introduce to you Curriculum Department's Teachers on Special Assignment. They possess diverse experience and knowledge and they are ready and willing to assist you in moving forward with your goals. Please feel free to invite them to staff meetings, grade level gatherings, professional learning occasions in which you are employing curriculum subs, or co-teaching opportunities.

The Curriculum Department very much sees itself as part of the greater SMBSD Team and looks forward to hearing from you as to how we can support your site and classroom efforts. To that end, take a look at what our TOSAs can offer you in the way of support. You can use this website in whatever way is most useful to you:

  • Scroll down this front page for an immediate and quick perusal of the whole team
  • Choose a grade span and/or content level from the links below for more details
  • Choose a specific TOSA by name from the navigation bar to the left

Yours in Teaching and Learning,

Olivia BolaƱos, Director of Curriculum

For more information about how we can assist you in specific content areas, you may also click on the links below. If you prefer to search by TOSA name, you may use the navigation bar at the left of your screen.

(Did you know that you or your students can create a Google Site by going to Drive > New > More > Google Sites?)