Asker municipality
at the Nordic Edge Expo 2020

Introducing our new Centre for innovation and learning

  • Involve local business, citizens, volutary organizations

  • this centre will help us find the solutions together


  • Circular economy and reuse have been in focus

  • Only 2 % of the interior are new acqusitions

Sustainability challenges of the Asker society.pdf

Sustainability challenges
of the Asker society

Digitization and smart technologies must contribute to solve the challenges.pdf

Digitization and smart technologies must contribute to solve the challenges

- Digital transformation over night.pdf

The corona crisis confirms
the KPI evaluation

"Digital transformation over night"
30 examples of solutions introduced in our municipality the last six months

See contact personell within the examples

A society working from home.pdf

A society working at home

Crisis management.pdf

Crisis management

Municipal Council Meetings.pdf

Municipal Council Meeting

Distance learning in the schools.pdf

Distance learning in the schools

The corona clinic.pdf

The corona clinic

Video consultations with health professionals.pdf

Video consultation with
health professionals

The Elite hockey match that was never played.pdf

The Elite hockey match
that was never played

Medication robot.pdf

Medication robot

Cultural breakfast.pdf

Cultural breakfast


Citizen participation

Reports of concern.pdf

Reports of concern

Infection tracking.pdf

Infection tracking

Registering cause of death.pdf

Registering cause of detah

Application for social services.pdf

Application for social services

From store to webshop.pdf

From store to webshop

From restaurant to food delivery.pdf

From restaurant to food delivery



Digital worship services.pdf

Digital worship services

The Senior Conference 2020.pdf

The Senior Conference 2020

Art exhibitions.pdf

Art exhibitions



Chamber Choir.pdf

Chamber Choir

School band.pdf

School band

Digital marketing.pdf

Digital marketing

Digital support for the golfing experience.pdf

Digital support for
the gofing experience

Riding Clubs.pdf

Riding Clubs

Digital board meetings.pdf

Digital board meetings

Digital tools for nursing home visits.pdf

Digital tools for
nursing home visits

Nyby - voluntary helpers.pdf

Nyby - voluntary helpers




Contact: Ole-Kristian Tangen, Head of innovation and digitalization

Telefon: + 47 95258223